Moose McGuire’s – My Workplace Neighbourhood Bar

I would love to start off this blog by pretending to be a really classy lady and chat about a very trendy new hot spot or a Calgary institution for my first “real” blog post. But I have to be real about my life and “classy lady” is really only true about 60% of the time.

30% of the time.

In any event, I work across 16th Avenue from a Keg and a Redwater Grill and, before the recent tragic fire, Billingsgate Fish Market, a Cobs bread, a pretty decent Vietnamese place… and where do I end up with co-workers 90% of the time?

Moose McGuire’s.

Full Table
Full Table

Just a hop, skip and a jump from both the Foothills Hospital (and thus the Cumming School of Medicine campus) and the University of Calgary main campus, Moose McGuire’s Beanery & BarRoom (or Moose’s) has a bit of a reputation as a college bar. I would argue that this is an unfounded reputation, as I’ve only ever been there with co-workers or mature students working on a professional designation, so don’t let the fear of rowdy 18-year-olds celebrating their ability to legally buy beer scare you off. (That’s what The Den over on main campus is for!)

Moose’s is really a great place to pop over for a quick lunch or after work drink, if you’re looking for something casual, laidback and exactly what you expect from a neighbourhood pub. We can always get in and out in under an hour over lunch and they have great daily specials starting at 4 pm. (Including 35 cent wings on Tuesdays, if you just can’t wait until Wednesday Wing Day at your favourite watering hole.) The menu is simple and pub-y, but well curated and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve ordered off it.

Spicy Chicken Wrap and Sweet Potato Fries
Spicy Chicken Wrap and Sweet Potato Fries

On my most recent visit with co-workers, I decided to pretend I was doing something good for myself and ordered the Spicy Chicken Wrap with Sweet Potato Fries. Hey, what can I say, there were an awful lot of vegetables in the wrap… that’s healthy, right!? (Well, maybe not with the liberal amount of bleu cheese dip I chose to drizzle on there…) I think next time I have my eye on the fish and chips that one of my co-workers ordered… it looked delightfully crispy and I can never turn down a good fish and chips!

Moose’s hosts a decent beer list with most of the beers you’d expect to see at a Calgary pub (Rickard’s White, Shocktop, etc etc) but the best thing from my perspective?


They pour you a wine like they’re pouring for their friends.

And sometimes after a long week at work, all you really need is a big glass of wine and some comforting pub food.

Starting is the hardest part: An Introduction to Me

Oof… for reals, friends, I just spent probably two hours constantly changing my blog theme instead of writing this first intro post. It’s intimidating. It’s a new start, an introduction of self to a whole new world. Unless it just ends up being my already existing friends and family who read this blog…

But I figured “just bite the bullet, Weir.” How many pilot episodes on TV accurately reflect what the tv show becomes?

Not many.

So if my voice evolves and changes and this post ends up not reflecting my blog anymore? Hey, enjoy this post along with a glass of wine and the pilot of New Girl where there is no indication that Coach is about to disappear for three years at all!

And now, for very little reason whatsoever, enjoy a Matt Nathanson quote/image discovered on Pinterest by search “Matt Nathanson Lyrics”.