March Wrap-Up

My March recap is decidedly late (I know, I know, it’s already April 5…) but I swear I have a good excuse. I bought a tablet this weekend and have fallen into a bit of a black hole of setting it up. And by setting it up, I mostly mean playing with it. I feel like I did when I got my first iPhone back in 2011! My wellness benefits at work will actually reimburse me for this tablet because it will enhance my wellness and improve my efficiency, I guess? If I can ever stop testing out podcast apps when I am actually supposed to be blogging…

Overall Month Rating
B+. March was a decidedly better month than February – in a large part because of Big Taste Calgary and a couple other excellent social outings with friends. The weather improved with a couple of absolutely gorgeous days in the high teens and, with the sunshine as inspiration, I made a concentrated effort to reframe my mental state to be equally sunny. I’ve always been aggressively positive at work; I wanted to bring that into my personal life as well. However, I was not nearly as fiscally responsible this month as I meant to be and I still don’t have a roommate. B+ it is.

Highlight of the Month
Either the incredible dinner at Teatro (and a chance to catch up with an amazing friend who I do not see nearly often enough) or the fact that the auditions I had lined up for this month went exceedingly well and I’ve been cast in a super fun show that goes up this June. I am going to hold off sharing details about the show until the company formally announces the cast, but check out Theatre Thursdays for more about what it’s all about to be in a play once I can talk about it.

Lowlight of the Month
To protect the innocent, I’m going to be vague, but I had a situation mid-month where there was someone else involved and we were just not on the same page at all. At all. Which is fine, except this other person thought that the situation was so great and… it was not. Which I had to tell them. I hate having to disillusion people. (But, oh man, that misinterpretation could not stand…)

Number of Workouts Completed
March was actually pretty solid in terms of workouts. I got in a good routine with barre classes on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, sometimes with an extra one added on Thursday mornings and usually with a lunchtime yoga class on Tuesdays. Moving into April, I would like to solidly add in that fourth barre class and also start the Couch to 5K training. Everyone who runs loves running. I want to feel that too.

Number of Plays Watched
The Turn of the Screw at Vertigo Theatre, Bad Jews at Theatre Calgary (this show sparked such great conversations between myself and my mom, I definitely recommend it if you can sneak it in), Fight or Flight Response by Verb Theatre. Hopefully I can sneak in a show or two more in April as well.

Number of Movies Watched
In theatres – 1. I made the mistake of seeing 10 Cloverfield Lane which really fell apart once they started doing the “Cloverfield” stuff. John Goodman rocked, though.
At home – 5. Okay, I watched 22 Jump Street twice and after one particularly stressful weekend my mom and I unwound to The Ridiculous 6. Don’t judge me.

Number of Dates I Took Myself On
None! I went on far too many dates with other people, though. I really have to talk my friends into hanging out with me in my home.

Best New Food Discovery
These peanut butter balls. The recipe was shared with me by my lovely Irish co-worker earlier this month to add into my weekly meal prep insanity. It’s total junk masquerading as health food (come on, the recipe comes from Kraft), but I have no interest in making the recipe un-trashy. One little ball is so super filling.

Best New Culture Discovery
I watched all of Unreal in about a week once it came on shomi… keep in mind, these were hour long episodes and I was relentlessly social this month so that is a huge compliment. Apparently Unreal is strikingly accurate in terms of what goes on behind the scenes in “reality tv” (though obviously the drama is somewhat exaggerated) and I cannot wait to watch The Bachelorette with this knowledge in mind. Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby kill it by embracing the nuanced, sometimes unlikeable, sometimes so vulnerable characters that they are given.

Best Book Read
This is one of those super buzzy, probably read in a zillion book clubs book, but for good reason. I absolutely devoured The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah in about a day and a half. I started reading it while invigilating one Thursday and had finished it by the next afternoon. So compelling.

As always, if you’re in Calgary and aren’t a creep… please live in my house.

Happy April!

Fit February

Oof magoof, I love alliteration. I’m all about grandiose declarations like “No Wine Weekdays”, because, of course, if it alliterates it must be true. (Though apparently just declaring things does not actually make said things happen, even if it does sound good. You do kind of need to put in a little work.)

One of the amazing things that makes my life so very full is Barre Body Studio. I stumbled into the studio in early February 2013, after eating only a banana (which I soon learned was not nearly enough sustenance), and was immediately hooked on the warm, friendly vibe of the studio. And the low-impact, highly challenging workout, of course. But mostly it was how amazing the studio made me feel about myself. How I felt like even though my leg muscles were trembling so much that I thought I would fall over, I also could do absolutely everything. When the opportunity came up to work at the studio front desk, I immediately jumped on it, even though I had a full time job, just so I could really be a part of the studio culture.  Over the past six months, I went through the rigorous (but crazy fun) teacher training and I recently took over my very own Saturday afternoon class. I absolutely love it.

The best part – other than sneaking in a workout while I work – is being a part of such a loving, inspiring community of women. This January, we kicked off a 24 or more in 30 Workout Challenge amongst all the instructors/front desk staff where we aggressively supported each other, held each other accountable and posted so many sweaty pics to Instagram while we tried to fit in as many workouts as possible. It all capped off on Sunday afternoon with a Round Robin style barre master class where each instructor busted out her most torturous sequence to challenge and motivate the rest of us. My booty may still be shaking.

Just to demonstrate how tough the class really was, here are several very beautiful and very fit ladies working a scandalously difficult lunge series at the barre:

By contrast, our fearless leader (and studio owner) Marlo, looked absolutely flawless during the same sequence… That’s why she is our Queen B!
(Both images shamelessly snagged from the private BBS Challenge page, taken by beautiful instructor Jaimie.)

In any event, inspired by my colleagues, I’m going to keep this wellness train rolling into Fit February and try to fit in 24 or more in 29 days. Though I no longer have the BBS Challenge page to be accountable to, I do have something just as good – this blog. So over the next month, you’ll be seeing little sneak peeks and references to my various workout triumphs and tragedies.

Speaking of tragedies, it’s Day One of Fit February and I’ve already fallen overboard. No workout today.

But I did work 11 hours and get in 15000+ steps without even trying, so that’s got to count for something, right!? Right.



Now I just need to remember that workouts really do make me feel as jazzed as I look in the picture above. (Just guess which one I am…)

Maybe once my butt stops hurting.

Got some fitness goals for February? Want to join me in my nonsense? Drop me a line in the comments!