2021 Word of the Year - Reach

Weeeeeell… it’s January 8. Let’s just address the elephant in the room. We are a week into 2021 and I’m just posting my Word of the Year (resolution, recap, whatever) post now.

Did I mean to disappear for two weeks?

I did not.

Is it now too late to post a 2020 recap?

Yeah, it probably is.

Nobody wants to read that maudlin nonsense, everyone just wants to move on to 2021. New year, new word. I watched a YouTube video today in which the youtuber read their 2020 goals and whined about not doing them/said “I jinxed the year. I know the video was supposed to be cute and funny but I just rolled my eyes so hard.

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Words About My Winter Break

Look, here’s the thing. My 2020 winter break went exactly the way you would expect it to. It caused my year to end in the most 2020 way possible. Allow me to elaborate.

First, Calgary had a massive snowfall on Dec 22 and my condo board/management company/snow removal company essentially just collectively lost their minds. I was trapped in my parking spot for over a week until one of my neighbours finally used a snowblower to clear our entire back alley. (Yes, I do pay condo fees for snow removal. Yes, they did – sort of – remove snow around the parking spots in the front of the complex, but not in the back.) I am still mildly in a feud with my board about this.

Second, this shouldn’t seem like a big deal. After all, it was a COVID Christmas, so I didn’t have anywhere to go, right?


I did have places to go, in fact. The lingual wire on my bottom teeth came off not once, but twice and I had to go for emergency dental work both times. (The second time was on Christmas day) I have had this wire for 18 years and never before has it caused any problems but… 2020, man.

Look. I know I am very very lucky and that there are many others having way worse times. I can read the room. This are minor, tv sitcom level annoyances. But, man, did my 2020 end in a very 2020 way.

Words About the First Week of 2021

It’s just been busy. Every year, I coordinate a course from January to March at work. This year, the course takes my least favourite scheduling format – because of where the holidays fell, I returned to work after winter break on the same day that the course started.

I can’t post course materials before break because this can be viewed as a suggestion to work ahead – breaks are supposed to be restful! So I ended up having to post a bunch of stuff while actively running course learning events and managing everyone’s post-Christmas chaos.

… Anyway. Work problems are not interesting problems. And also – confidentiality and all that. Just trust me that it was mentally draining and I needed to get away from the computer at the end of the day. It’s not always like this, though, and it’s all good.

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Words About 2020

Like I said, I don’t plan to say a lot.

What I will say is that I feel like 2020 was a year of Comfort.

I’m not saying the year was comfortable. It was anything but comfortable. But because the year was so uncomfortable, we all spent the year trying to create comfort. We did things that were easy and felt safe because that’s what we needed while the world burned around us.

This was right for 2020.

But for 2021, I feel like I need to shake this off a little bit. I can’t stay in my comfortable nest forever. Which brings me to my 2021 Word of the Year…

2021 Word of the Year: Reach

What’s the opposite of Comfort?

Well… you read the heading. You know this.

It’s Reach.

This word will remind me to move slightly beyond the places where I feel comfortable. It’s not a resolution. Just a reminder.

This month, I am doing a bunch of things to help me figure out what my habits are. Where my comfort zone really is. What patterns I fall into. I am doing Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Day Yoga Journey, Dry January and my yearly no spend January. I’m not necessarily looking to “win” at all these challenges, but I am looking for an opportunity for self reflection.

Once I know where I am right now, I will know what I can reach for.

Bring it on, 2021. I’m here.

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How I'm Celebrating my Christmas Break Alone Because of Covid

It is December 23, 2020 and yesterday was my last day of work until after New Years. Almost two weeks off! Plus? I am done school for the semester and don’t go back until January 11. (Don’t worry, I am starting up both things hot after the break – the next course I coordinate starts first day back and I literally have my first school zoom on the 11th). On the one hand, this is super exciting. On the other hand, this is the time of Covid and I’ll be spending most of my Christmas break alone.

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What I Read: November

You guys love the book posts! And I love telling you about what books I read because it makes me feel way less guilty about reading instead of blogging. (Note: I totally know that this guilt is in my own head and nothing that y’all have done. I’m all about beating myself up over things I think I “should” be doing. I am working on it. But that is a post for another day). So, without further ado, here are my thoughts the books I read this past month!

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Don’t get me wrong, friends. I like a glass of wine just as much as the next totally independent and productive grown woman. (Side comment: I’m trying not to say “girl” as much these days. I’ve been trying for like a year though, so you can imagine how well it’s going.) I like to learn about wine. I like the ritual of selecting a bottle from my bar. I like having a special drink at the end of the day. But my pocketbook, internal organs and cognitive functions are not always there for a wine. And that is where this post comes in – the best mocktail for this holiday season!

And by “holiday season”, I mean “zooming with friends from our own homes while wearing fancy clothes”. Yet another reason to maybe not always reach for the wine.

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Collage of Books I Read in October

Hello friends and…enemies? Friends yet to come? Book lovers? People who care about books I read? I don’t know, ya’ll, who comes to blog posts of very small blogs? Maybe weigh in down in the comments so I know how to refer to you all.

Ugh. Another opening paragraph that is going to make my SEO go super crazy because I, just like every recipe blogger out there, take a million years to get to the point.

And what is the point, you may ask?

Books! Ya’ll seem to love it when I talk about books so without further ado, please enjoy this quick overview/review of the books I read this October.

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elevate barre program nutrition guide

Oof. Look at this girl go – restarting a blog and missing a week almost immediately. What can I say? I had a paper due last week. After doing a deep dive into reflexivity and the need for a community developed code of ethics for adult educators, my brain was toast. 3500 words is so many words. But anyway, I digress. I was gone, now I am back, and I want to talk about Elevate, a little program that I’ve been doing at my barre studio for the past month.

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How to Organize Your Notes for Learning

Here are some words I never imagined I would write while in my 30s – you guys, it’s midterm season! (Full disclosure – I don’t know that I actually had any midterms when I was doing either of my undergraduate degrees. And I don’t actually have midterms now in my Masters Degree, but I have a paper due soon and it’s basically the same thing.) This has been a weird semester. I know for myself, I feel like my course has just started and yet here I am. Somehow, despite keeping up, I feel like I’m also totally behind. So this weekend, I took some time to sit down, get myself organized, and reflect on what I have learned throughout my 21 years of being a scholar. Learn from my example – and mistakes – and let me present you with what I have learned about how to organize your notes for learning.

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Stuff About Me

Ugh. Really? That’s the title I’m picking for this post? “I’m Back, BAY-BEE”? I mean, I am back, this is a wildly accurate statement, but yikes on bikes! (Yikes on Bikes is also not a great thing for me to write… this is all starting to make me sound like I’m a mom who is not at all cool but thinks they are cool. Sorry, non-existent children.)

Okay, let’s start again.

I’m Back, Blogging Again!

(Using commas wildly since 1986.)

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Stuff About Me

Erin laying on a bed, engaged in reflection

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