Not too long ago, I found an old journal entry that I wrote after coming home from the ACE Program at Queen’s University. 12 years ago, I wrote about my entire life changing on a dime – how I knew that life was always changing but how I still felt so lost and like I didn’t know who I was. Since then, I have had so many moments where my life was so very wonderful and I was so very happy.

Quite recently, my entire life changed again.

Before Christmas 2015, I took an Yin yoga class where the instructor spoke about how our lives are “full”. She meant it in terms of framing our lives as “full” instead of “busy” and of taking some time for ourselves in the holiday season. But it made me think…

My name is Erin. I am a 35-year-old, Calgary-based actress-educator-barre lover-burgeoning foodie-wine enthusiast. I started this blog in my final year of my 20s as I tried to grow up, watch and create theatre, love great food and wine, do fun things in Calgary and basically just strived to make my life more full. It was truly the most un-fleshed out, definitely not aspirational, flimsiest of plans, but it was bound to be enthralling, if nothing else.

And it still is.

For any partnership opportunities, suggestions of fun things to do or just to hang, you can reach me at aflimsyplan@gmail.com.

Me as Sarah in "What Pushes Are We Wenches Driven To?"
Me as Sarah in “What Pushes Are We Wenches Driven To?”