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Outside of Barre Body Studio

I had a “What I Read in December” post all locked and loaded, ready to go today. And then, as it often does, real life intervened. (And by “real life”, I guess I mean social media? Yikes!) Today is Barre Body Studio‘s 8 year anniversary.

Just about 8 years ago, I walked into Barre Body Studio and my life changed. (I took my first class in February 2013.) Barre is the first type of exercise I have ever truly loved. Before that day, I hadn’t taken a group fitness class. I had no idea how inspirational a shared sweat can be. I had no idea how strong I could be.

For reasons that are still inexplicable to me, in Oct 2014, Marlo hired me to work front desk relief. (Seriously, I don’t even think I submitted a resume. I think we just sat down on the floor in Studio B one day to talk and the rest is history.) For the first time since university, I found a community.

I still have the terrarium that I made during that first Barre Body Studio Christmas party on my coffee table. It’s super dead, but I can’t let it go.

The past year has been crazy and I’ve needed the community. Somehow, I think I’ve done more barre classes during COVID than during any other year.

But the year has been crazy for my little third place as well – thanks, global health crisis – and just before 2020 ended, BBS decided to shut their doors as a studio space in favour of operating solely online. The Barre Body Studio On Demand platform is robust, affordable and filled with love. In some ways, as we celebrate 8 years, the next one could be the most special… my friends from all over, you can join my community (and sweat with me) because it exists all around us! (Online.)

Share the light.

And enjoy these few pictures of my time with Barre Body Studio. They will never say enough.

Barre Body Studio Instructor Headshot
Barre Body Studio Challenge Image
Erin and Rachel
Barre pic

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