Beer Exchange Day 1

Heeeey friends! Guess what is back, back, backpack again in the year of our Lord 2023? (And, yes, there might be a backpack involved.) My dear friend Megan is not laid up with a broken ankle this year and that means it’s time for a Beer Exchange!!!

Yes! A Beer Exchange! One of those fun things that you hear people talking about but no one ever really pulls together – 12 people each choose a local beer to buy 12 tall boy cans of and then we all take one of each beer. Plus the beers are wrapped up, so we have no idea what we are drinking. It is fun and festive and more social than buying an advent calendar. I am psyched

I love doing things with my friends.

And having content for my blog.

So you probably guessed what today’s post is all about – it’s about the first beer from the Beer Exchange! And, not just that, we had a kickoff party with a few of our participants so this post is also about that. Woooooo!!!

Yes, that means that I am starting this post in the afternoon and will finish it when I return home from the party, potentially a bit tipsy. Because I don’t know what the first beer is yet and I will be enjoying it at the party with my friends. But don’t worry… as always, I will make you have to work for the reveal of what the first beer is. So follow me through the cut to find out what we had for Beer Exchange Day 1…

Record Scratch!

We did not, in fact, have a gathering to kick off the Beer Exchange. Illness came to play.

This is not the worst thing. It is important to honour your need for rest. And we will have Cheese!Party to wrap up the holiday season. (Not something I’ve ever posted about on this blog but it is based on this meme.)

But my feelings are out in full force this week, probably because I have the post-show blues, and this week has been complicated and the party being canceled was sort of the final domino to be set up and make the whole thing cascade down. (That analogy works, right?) What I’m trying to say is that though this is understandable, I’m a bit bummed.

Beer Exchange Day 1 - wrapped beer

So I ordered a pizza.

Pink Door Pizza is a local pizza place that my family got super into during the holiday season that my lingual wire kept popping off and I never got to enjoy it as a result. So I was buying it for myself today, gosh darnit! I love a pickle on a pizza, so I ordered a Nashville North and hoped for the best.

You guys. The pizza was so good, as was the beer. 

And what was this beer on Beer Exchange Day 1?

Beer Exchange Day 1 - unwrapped beer (Annex Ale Project's Lorem Ipsum amber ale)

Megan always picks the first beer, she always picks it last, and she always tries to fill a gap. This year she picked Annex Ale’s Lorem Ipsum Amber Ale and it slapped. I know that Annex does good work, but I somehow always overlook them when it comes to buying beers for home. And I often end up at Establishment, instead of Annex. 

This needs to change.

Lorem Ipsum has a hilarious name and a delicious taste. It is a malty and citrus-y beer with an unknown IBU and a 5.5% alcohol content. It is also a beer that made me realize that I like beers that say one of their key notes is “pine”. (I’m glad I was forced to drink this, I would never purposefully pick a beer that says it’s pine-y before today. And maybe now in the future I will.)

Which brings us to an important question – what are your thoughts on pine-y beers?

Also, I feel less sad now that I have pizza.

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