Beer Exchange Day 10

Welcome to the shortest of Blogmas posts! The days are getting short, the number of social plans I have are getting long, and I am sort of ready for a night at home. I am always trying to find mildly fun (or interesting) things to do while enjoying the Beer Exchange beers, mostly for content reasons. 

But on this day? On this semi-worn out day? 

I made some dinner and then took a bath while enjoying Beer 10.

Beer 10 Wrapped

Oh! But this is very funny. Megan’s five or six year old nephew helped with the wrapping of Beer 10 by giving the beers names, not numbers. But he got bored partway through, so Megan and her brother (aka the dad) had to name the rest to keep it going. So my beer was named Karol. Named by a child, his dad, or his aunt? 

You decide!

Wild Rose Brewery‘s Cherry Porter

Beer 10 Unwrapped - Wild Rose Brewery's Cherry Porter
LOL at my Kindle restarting while I took the picture

Okay, so… Beer 10 was the same beer I selected for the last beer exchange. Yep. Wild Rose Brewery‘s Cherry Porter.

So I bet you can guess that I liked it? It’s an OG, a real classic. It has a 6.5% alcohol content and a 35 IBU – very much an Erin beer that is lowkey but has a bit of extra kick. This was a beer that had everyone talking on our group chat, about how classic it was, how much they enjoyed it, etc etc. 

It’s just a really good holiday beer. You need a crowd pleaser? Do this! It’s casual, but complex. Not hoppy, fairly mild, yet still flavourful. I truly believe that beer lovers and beer newbies alike will enjoy this beer – mostly due to the reaction on our group chat this year.

And, like, let’s be real… I wasn’t going to buy the Wild Rose Brewery’s Cherry Porter for the beer exchange two years ago if I didn’t believe in it.

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