Beer Exchange Day 10

It’s Day 10 of the beer exchange, Day 19 of blogmas and are things getting a little crazy?

Okay, they are not. Crazy is a wild overstatement.

But I am definitely in the place where I am trying my very best to try to make things as interesting for me as possible.

Beer 10 wrapped

Taking overly artistic beer photos? Oh, yes, I am here. (And thank goodness my partner-in-crime brother, Kevin, was up for developing something artsy.) Now, what beer is beneath that beautiful wrapping? Well… follow me through the cut…

Beer 10 - Passiflora Fruited Sour Ale

Beer 10 was the Campio Brewing Company‘s Passiflora Fruited Sour Ale! I love sours, I love pretty labels, y’all probably guessed how I felt about this beer…

Yes, it was delicious. The passionfruit flavour in the Passiflora is really strong, which keeps the taste from veering into true sour territory. Now, I love sours, I like that “wrong” flavour when a beer doesn’t taste the way you expect. But I know it’s not everyone’s thing. The Passiflora is an excellent entrance way beer for people who want to start enjoying sours. It has a 5.8%, very middle of the road, ABV. And, though I don’t know the IBU, I’m sure it’s pretty low. There are no hops here! (Note: this beer is lacto-soured. I’m sure that for real lactose intolerant people actually look out for this, but I’m always surprised when I find out there is lactose in beer…)

As you could probably guess from the earlier “Kevin” reference, this is another beer that I enjoyed over at my siblings’ house. (For those who don’t know, my brothers have lived together for years. My SIL Darci moved in with them and ultimately Rylee joined the household as well… duh. I usually just refer to this as the “other” house. I’ll probably start doing that on the blog.) This week we made some crazy easy skillet fajitas together – and against all odds, the beer paired really well with them. I guess there is something about Mexican food and tropical fruits?

At this point, I feel like I must thank you all for coming along with me on this beer drinking journey. Now, I know that the beers have all been Alberta craft breweries, but I hope it was still helpful for my out-of-province readers. So maybe the time has come for you to help? Out of province friends, what sours do you recommend for local drinkers?

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