Beer Exchange Day 11

Can I just say how many times I recounted today to confirm it was actually Day 11? It just does not feel like December 22. It does feel like the Christmas season (for me at least), but it doesn’t seem that close to the actual big day. I think I usually wrap on this day every year and it’s like 9 pm and I haven’t pulled that together yet so… um… probably not? Somehow I’ll figure that out tomorrow. I work at the studio and I need to record MOA, but as y’all know – I’m really good at fitting a lot of things into one day. 

Beer 11 Wrapped

But not today! Today is not about wrapping presents. Today is about talking about Beer 11, which I obviously drank while watching the Survivor season finale. Behind the cut is beer spoilers and also Survivor spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Bitter Sisters Uncle Philsner 

Beer 11 Bitter Sisters Uncle Philsner Unwrapped

Omg. The name of this beer is so good. Bitter Sisters is a brewery I am vaguely familiar with – it’s actually pretty close to my house (aka not downtown), the food is apparently notoriously good, and I actually went there once on a date that I have very few memories of because the company was not remarkable. It also used to be the Atlantic Canada themed bar, The Trap and Gill, which was always fun.

But if this beer is any indication, I absolutely need to make my way back to that taproom with some better company. The Bitter Sisters Uncle Philsner is a pretty classic pilsner – light, crisp, and incredibly drinkable. It has a 5.5% ABV and a 14 IBU, and it was the perfect pairing for a tv show that I wanted to pay attention to.

And now the part you came here for! My Survivor thoughts! (Note: you are going to be spoiled. But it’s been two days now, so this is not like the time Twitter spoiled me for the Gabler win while I was still watching the show. Which… fair. The Gabler win was wild.)

Anyway. I’m torn about Dee’s win. Obviously that girl ran that game and 100% deserved her win. There was some real Kim Spradlin vibes, while also being her own real person. 

But also, I love twists, and I would have loved to have seen what would happen if the final five plan had actually gone off. Like… if Dee was actually voted out, what even would they have done!?

Probably Austin. It would have just rolled downhill to the slightly lower down option. 

But still! So complex!

So? How do you feel about Survivor this season? And if you’re not a Survivor girlie, have you been to Bitter Sisters yet? What should I eat/drink there?

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