Beer Exchange Day 11

Oof, this post is going to be a late one going up. (Though… still on the correct day! It’s still going to be Day 21, which is the day it is supposed to be going up. Which makes me a success!)

Anyway, today I finally watched Tick Tick Boom, which I should have watched a month ago because 15 year old me would have been aghast that it took so long to watch a thing about Jonathan Larson, but life is life and here we are. I loved it.

I also watched Spiderman: No Way Home but I will say absolutely nothing about it because I understand very much that people have feelings about spoilers.

So, with all that nothingness out of the way, let’s move onto the penultimate beer of the Beer Exchange – Beer 11! Follow me through the cut, mes amis!

Beer 11 wrapped

Yes, that’s a beer sitting on a blanket, don’t judge me. The wrapping was newsprint cut offs that children had coloured on. I feel like the vibe of the photo suited the vibe of the wrapping. It is what it is, y’all, it’s day 21.

Russell Brewing Cinnamon Bun Brown Ale

It’s Day 11 and I think the Day 11 beer is the first one that didn’t quite work for me. It was Russell Brewing Co’s Cinnamon Bun Brown Ale. Russell Brewing Company is based out of Surrey BC, (hey, that’s where my mom grew up!), and I’ve enjoyed quite a few of their beers before. They had a seasonal Pumpkin Pie Milkshake IPA that sounds like a real mouthful, but was really yummy. I just looove lactose in my beer, I guess?

But… in my experience, a lot of their beers veer to the sweet side and the Cinnamon Bun Brown Ale is no exception. I don’t mind a sweeter beer, but the sweetness with the rich flavour of the brown ale just wasn’t my thing. The ABV was 5.5% and the IBU was 10. You do the math. 😉

That said, it was definitely still drinkable. And I got to enjoy a nice beer while watching some friends in a streamed theatre product – complete with intermission! – so how can I complain?

Beer 11 with tv

We’re reaching the end of the questions that I can ask about beer so instead… Tell me, did you go through a crazy Jonathan Larson phase when you were a teenager or just me?

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