Beer Exchange Day 12

OMG. There are no words for how excited I am about the beer for Day 12. I saved it until as close to Christmas as possible, but popped it open last night to record – mostly because I was working at Moveology this morning and knew things would be crazy today. I was so delighted that I had Kevin to share the “opening the wrapping” moment with, even if I had to explain my delight to him.

Beer 12 wrapped

So here’s Beer 12, sitting in my recording spot… and let’s go through the cut.

Wait… what to my wandering eyes did appear?

Eighty-Eight Brewing's Hammer Pants half-unwrapped

Hammer Pants!

Eighty-Eight Brewing’s Hammer Pants

Dedicated blog readers will know that I spent all of last year’s beer advent calendar guessing that Hammer Pants was going to be the beer that I pulled out of the calendar. And it never came to pass. Because I’m bad at guessing.

Eighty-Eight Brewing's Hammer Pants unwrapped

But this year? This year? Where we have a beer exchange? A beer exchange that has included so many breweries? And on the last day? The beer that our dear friend Mandee selected was Eighty-Eight Brewing’s Hammer Pants! 

Hammer Pants is kind of what you expect out of a West Coast IPA. It’s crisp, pine-y, and bright, without a strong hoppy flavour. It has a 35 IBU and a 4.8% ABV, so it was the perfect podcasting beer. Delicious and fresh, but I was able to keep all my good good goofs going while staying sharp. 

So, all that to say – I heavily recommend checking out Hammer Pants. And Eighty-Eight in general. And, honestly, the episode of MOA that is going to drop on Christmas Day, because it is truly unhinged.

What can I say? It’s the holiday season, I am delighted by and recommend most things that bring me joy. And, actually, that may be the subject of an upcoming blog post…

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