Beer Exchange Day 2

Everyone. My life has been so chaotic recently, I am so delighted for every bit of consistency I can scrape up. And writing on this blog every day? (For literally 4 days?) Having the beers for the beer exchange? It’s little, but it makes me feel so good. 

And you know what else makes me feel good? Recording Mystery, Outsiders and Abs

My and Kevin’s teen drama brains have been filled with Riverona and we had no energy for good Shadowhunters goofs. (That said, you should definitely donate to our Riverona IndieGoGo campaign to bring this Romeo and Juliet teen drama parody to the stage. Fans of MOA know Kevin and I are clever and can write a better show than Riverdale…) Anyway, we have brains back and we are ready to record our podcast, and you know what that means?

Beer 2, wrapped (games table in background)

It means Beer 2!

Sort of. Follow me through the cut to figure out what I mean by that…

Girl. What did you mean and what is Beer 2?

Okay. Here’s the thing. My dad and my brother Bryan both volunteered to be a part of the beer exchange this year. And my dad got super excited about the opportunity for all of us to spend time together, so he bought some different beers that we could enjoy while we all wrapped our beer exchange beers together. Which means we all know which beers each other selected.

So we made it still a bit of a mystery in the only way we knew how. We all wrapped our beers in the same wrapping paper and, while we numbered them for others, we didn’t number the beers we kept for ourselves. There was still some mystery!

Today, I pulled one of the Weir Beers to enjoy while recording MOA. It was meant to be my beer, Beer 2… but I actually pulled Bryan’s beer.

And it was delish.

Beer 2, unwrapped - Zero Issue Innsmouth (games table in background)

Bryan selected the Zero Issue Innsmouth sour. I always get Zero Issue and New Level confused because they both have cool, nerdy branding and good sours. (Remember a couple years ago when I was obsessed with getting to try the New Level dill pickle beer? Ugh. Classic Erin.) I still couldn’t tell you that I could articulate the difference… but what I can tell you, is that Innsmouth was delicious.

If you all know my beer taste, you know I love sours. Innsmouth is a passionfruit-mango sour with a ABV of 4.8% and an unknown IBU (though it’s definitely low). The taste is not surprising, but it’s infinitely drinkable. It is a classic, fruit-forward, kettle sour that I feel like really represents what Alberta sours taste like. It was the perfect drink to enjoy without food while I rambled for an hour!

So I have to ask – and maybe I have before – but do you love sours?

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