Beer Exchange Day 2

Beer Exchange - Cherry Porter

I realized something super unimportant today. Posting about these posts on Instagram will spoil the beers for people in the exchange who aren’t on quite the same beverage opening schedule as me!

This is a Beer Exchange with basically no rules. It is the wild west of beer exchanges. It’s like an advent calendar, if the advent calendar had no dates on it.

Which is good, because in my old age, I’ve realized that I need a tiny bit of flexibility to remain on track.

But, I want to be respectful of the two people in the exchange who might see these posts on my social media so… please enjoy this click through in order to keep the second beer a secret!

Welcome to the other side of the click through, I hope you like it here.

Day Two’s beer was my contribution! Wild Rose Brewery‘s Cherry Porter. I enjoyed this one while cooking a little dinner/meal prep and, yes, there is no way to take a picture with a zucchini in it that is not vaguely phallic. I accept this.

Wild Rose is the OG Calgary brewery – I distinctly remember buying a pack while at the Beer Store when I was at Queens and being called out as an Alberta girl. Or ordering a Pink Velvet – a mixture of Velvet Fog and Wraspberry? Classic U of C times.

The Cherry Porter is a seasonal and a bit more grown up than my university beers. It’s rich and complex, while still very easy drinking due to the sweet and sour cherries that go into it. I don’t always love porters, but this one, I do. For those interested in the two things I care about – a 6.5% alcohol content and a 35 IBU. That’s probably why I like it. 😉

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