Beer Exchange Day 3

You know what’s super fun about doing the Beer Exchange instead of an advent calendar

The community! (You’ll notice this is going to be an on-going theme throughout Blogmas this year. Community, surrounding myself with people, is just what I’m looking for in this season of my life.) As I write this post, we’re all typing away in our group chat, discussing the beers by number and not name so there’s no spoilers. The conclusion from everyone who has experienced Beer 3 so far is that it is a whole lot of beer in one single tall can.

No, we didn’t get to have the kick-off party, but we’re still a team and that’s so cool. There are a couple things that we took away from our years in our homes that are, like, not the worst. (Look, I know that is the most tepid statement ever, but I said what I said.)

Beer 3 Wrapped

So why don’t we just move onto Beer 3 instead? You know what to do… follow me on through the cut.

Beer 3 - New Level Krampus Christmas Ale

Beer 3 – New Level Krampus Christmas Ale Imperial Eggnog Stout

Yeah. Our first stout came early this year. Apparently Claire picked it because the label was so very intense. 

Well. The beer was too! 

Beer 3 was New Level Brewing’s Krampus Christmas Ale, an imperial eggnog stout. You read that right – this beer is a 10.5% ABV, a 30 IBU, and full of all the classic eggnog seasonings. And also my favourite – lactose! (One day I’ll stop being amused that lactose is in beer. Today is not that day.) 

This beer was not my favourite beer. It was a little sweeter than I usually go for and because it was so intense, it literally took me an hour and a half to drink. In fact, I took one sip of it with my dinner and then, as you can see in the picture, I slapped a temporary lid on the can and said “Sorry, good sir, I’m coming back to you when I no longer have food”. 

That being said, just because I wouldn’t buy a 4-pack of this beer, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. It is very much a holiday experience.

Just, like, find three other friends to split that 4-pack with.

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