Beer Exchange Day 3

Holiday Beer Exchange Day 3

It’s an odd numbered day, so y’all know what that means on this girl’s march towards Christmas… another reveal of another beer from the holiday beer exchange! (And if you squint reaaaaallly hard, you can get an insider look at the nonsense notes I take for MOA. I usually handwrite them because I love notebooks but I just wanted to make it legible for you today.)

This beer came courtesy of friend of the blog, Claire, and she was pretty open with me that she just picked it for the label. What is this beautiful label? Did this method of picking a beer work? Follow me through the “Read More” page break (#nospoilers) to find out…

holiday beer 3 unwrapped

I mean… yes to both, right?!

Claire brought us our first Edmonton beer, the Prairie Fairy blackberry wheat ale from Sea Change Brewing Company. One of my first adult beer obsessions was a wheat ale – the Village Wit, for those wondering – and I love adding a bit of fruit to my beers, so I was right on board with this one. Plus, Sea Change and Fruit Loop Society (an LGBTQ2+ organization in Edmonton) collaborated to create Prairie Fairy. We love to see it.

Prairie Fairy is drinkable, though not complex. I believe I texted Claire and said “it doesn’t really taste like beer, but in a good way”. It’s not sweet, but it’s not hoppy, and it’s definitely a summertime beer. The alcohol content is 5% and I did not find the IBU.

Beer and MOA

Oh, yeah. I drank the Prairie Fairy while recording the upcoming episode of MOA. I am unreasonably delighted with the fact that this picture looks like the beer is a guest on the podcast. (It’s not.) It may be a holiday beer exchange, but I still have work to do!

So, tell me – do you like fruit in your beer? I know this is a controversial topic, so let me know!

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