Beer Exchange Day 4

My beautiful friends! Today has been so much of a day. So good, but very energy consuming. We had a major work retreat at the Jubilee Auditorium today with a ton of great knowledge transfer, resource discussion, and QI exploration. 

Also, I delivered an hour long presentation on effective communication to reduce cognitive load and supporting struggling learners to a type of audience I’ve never presented to before. 

Also also, I found out that a poster presentation abstract I submitted to an international congress in April was accepted. (It’s times like these that I am so glad that I have the blog. It will one day be so nice to have a record of exactly which day all of this happened, so I don’t have to rely exclusively on my memory.) 

But it’s also days like today where I am so glad that I have the Beer Exchange as a content avenue during Blogmas, so I don’t have to come up with something new to write about today with my very tired brain.

So without further ado, let’s get into it! Beer 4, here we come!

Beer 4 Wrapped

Beer 4 – Big Rock Brewery Nebula

Okay, so teeeeeechnically, this is Beer 2. It fell into the whole Weir-beers nonsense where the beers that my dad, Bryan, and I selected but didn’t label for ourselves – and this is the beer that I actually selected! So, you know, I knew I liked it.

Big Rock Brewery Nebula (Beer 4 unwrapped)

Last time we did the beer exchange, I wrote about how Wild Rose was the OG Calgary brewery. However Big Rock is right on up there. I have very strong memories of driving out to see the physical Big Rock in Okotoks. Yes, the brewery is named after an actual big rock. And I drove out there with an ex in the middle of the night in 2010 or 2011. And that is the end of that story, at least on the internet. 

Big Rock continues to do great things with their very drinkable beers, though, and the Nebula is no exception. It is fairly new to their lineup, and I am a fan. But you all know that I love a NEIPA. I like a little haze, a little Mosaic hops, and a little tropical flavours in my beers. Nebula comes in with a 31 IBU and a 6.4% ABV so it does pack a bit of a punch. Worth it.

Oh, and very appropriately because of the tropical flavours, I drank it while watching Survivor. And I both loved and was infuriated by this episode. And I will be taking no further questions on the topic until I can appropriately mourn Emily Flippen, financial analyst, thank you very much.

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