Beer Exchange Day 4

Yes yes yes! Today is December 7th (which means I’ve officially made it a week into Blogmas without losing my mind or missing a day) and today is another day for ye old beer exchange. And today is a very very exciting day because…

Christmas Decorations

… I decorated for Christmas today!

I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to find the energy to do it this year! The past two weeks have been crazy busy and it’s been hard to have the energy to do much else other than write and watch Vlogmas videos when I’m home. But I wasn’t called for rehearsal today and I have a friend coming over to watch a festive video tomorrow, so I was inspired!

I probably won’t post about how I decorate – I don’t have a ton of decorations because my place isn’t huge and I don’t live alone. Unless that’s something y’all want?

Anyway, today’s post is not about decorations… it’s about Beer 4!

Beer Exchange Day 4 - wrapped

Many thanks to my brother Kevin for all his photography directing over the past couple of beer pics. (And his help with side-lighting some of my photos.)

Beer Exchange 4 - Jam Rock

Day 4’s beer was The Establishment Brewing Company’s Jam Rock – a Blackberry Vanilla sour. Something that is very important for you all to know about me is that I love sours. They just taste so wrong, but so right. So this beer was totally my thing.

If you aren’t a sour fan, Jam Rock is worth a try – it’s not too too crazy and the vanilla notes really smooth out the “sour”ness. There is basically no hops on the tongue, so IPA fans probably need not apply. But people who love a pink beer? Get on in here! And with a 5.6% alcohol content, Jam Rock delivers a little extra kick. I will 100% be buying a four pack of this one in the future.

As you can likely guess from the pics – I enjoyed Day 4’s beer while playing video games with my super awesome siblings!

Do you hang out with your siblings voluntarily? Do you have game nights? What kind of games do you play?

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