Beer Exchange Day 5 (and a Friendmas Party!)

You know when you have one of those life experiences that makes you stop and think “We’re the grownups now”? I fully just had one of those last night. It was nothing serious, nothing life-changing. In fact, it was something I have done lots of times in the past. Together with friends of the blog, Megan and Hans, I went to a Friendmas party at our friends’, Scott and Dee’s, place.

I know. I really hyped this up and it’s just a fun holiday party.

But here’s the thing. I distinctly remember always going to a yearly holiday party that one of my dad’s coworkers put on when I was a kid. I remember a table of snacks, peanut butter marshmallow squares, adults wearing Christmas sweaters, and singing Christmas songs while his wife played the piano. And this party felt very much like that. (Minus the singing with the piano. I feel like very few people are actually that wholesome.)

But, you know. We talked about mortgages and our to-go easy meals for weekdays. We played a (modified) version of Name that Tune. There were cute outfits and holiday-themed sweaters everywhere. People brought their very well behaved dogs! Dee and Scott put together a super aesthetic selection of delicious snacks (peanut butter marshmallow squares not pictured but definitely included).

Oh! And I drank Beer 5!

Beer 5 wrapped (Cabin Brewing's Escape Plan)

Somewhat appropriately, Beer 5 was Scott’s beer! Scott selected Cabin Brewing’s Escape Plan. 

Beer 5 unwrapped - Cabin Brewing Company's Escape Plan

I’ve been known to say that Cabin’s only good beer is Super Saturation (a hazy pale ale), but this past year, I’ve been slowly proven wrong. They had this cucumber beer during the summer that slapped and Escape Plan is delicious. I mean, it’s a fruit-forward hazy pale ale with a 6% ABV, you know it’s right in my wheelhouse. I’m not going to lie, I am heavily considering picking up a few for my own home. And that, as any sommelier can tell you, is a great compliment.

Actually… y’all, I can’t find cans of Cabin Brewing’s Escape Plan on their website. Is it out of production? Inquiring minds need to know! Let me know where I can find it in the comments!

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