Beer Exchange Day 6

Beer 6 wrapped

It’s sort of delightful kismet that I’m posting about Beer 6 today. As you may be able to tell from the above photo (if you’re a Full Circle Theatre super fan and follow our YouTube channel), Beer 6 was enjoyed while I was live streaming! On Sunday night, a group of Riverona performers got together to play some games and chat about the show to raise awareness of our IndieGoGo Campaign. And tonight our campaign closes! Such synergy! 

But this post is not about Riverona. You have already read enough posts about that show. (And you’ve definitely read more in the future.) This post is about Beer 6… well, technically Beer 4, but I drank it as Beer 6 because of Weir reasons. Anyway, I’m not going to overcomplicate it. Just follow me through the cut!

Beer 6 Unwrapped - Railyard Brewing Lager

As the last Weir beer left, Beer “6” was my dad’s beer. A delightfully crushable little beer that he referred to as his “old man lager”. Very appropriately (because he spent his career life as a railroader), Rob selected Railyard Brewing Lager. The lager is a simple, but well-balanced and infinitely drinkable, beer with an 11 IBU and a 5% ABV. It was the perfect drink to enjoy while keeping my head in the game. 

I didn’t think I was familiar with Railyard Brewing’s work prior to this beer, but once I explored their site, I realized I had tried one of their sours before. (Erin loves sours!) They also have a few other brews that intrigue me, including a pumpkin spice nitro stout and a NEIPA. I’ll have to make the journey out to their taproom near the airport to check them out sometime!

I assume you come to this blog looking for recommendations. I definitely recommend the Railyard Brewing Lager! But, if you’re not a beer person… maybe you want to check out the replay of our livestream the other night? At one point we play Eff, Marry, Kill with characters from the play!

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