Beer Exchange Day 6

Oh my gosh, I am for real sneaking this one in just under the wire. I have had a busy day of holiday baking, podcast recording, toddler babysitting, and sibling game night with very little time to write… and when I got home, I discovered that I had left my laptop at my siblings’ house. Luckily my brother Kevin was way, way too kind and rushed it over to me just in time.

And it’s mildly appropriate to today’s post because today’s post features pictures of my family!

Beer 6 Wrapped

The best picture is the one with the mildly creepy Santa that Kevin is totally not in, even though he probably should have been there. (Was he scared of creepy Santa? Probably.)

But anyway, today is not about the Santa pictures… today is about the beer.

New England Pale Ale

Okay, maybe it’s a little bit about the cute old pictures…

Day 6’s beer was another pale ale, but this time it was entirely my thing. I mean, it’s right there on the label – Blindman Brewing’s New England Pale Ale is a hazy pale ale. Wasn’t I just talking about how I like my beers hazy?

Blindman Brewing is based out of Lacombe (right below Edmonton) and they are a beer festival favourite of mine. Though I’m honestly not sure if I’ve ever purchased one of their 4-packs?

Maybe the time has come to change that and maybe the New England Pale Ale is the beer to do it with. It has a 5.5% alcohol content and an IBU of 35. Okay, let’s be real, that’s probably why I like it. A tiny bit of bitterness, a tiny bit of fruit, a tiny bit of haze.

Once again, I enjoyed this beer before doing something special and festive. I had a little chili at my parents house, drank this delicious beer, and then headed out to take in Vertigo Theatre’s Murder in the Studio with my mom.

New England Pale Ale - showing the brewery

By the way, Murder in the Studio was a super fun and unique show, but it’s also sold out… should I still write about here if y’all can’t see it? Weigh in below!

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