Beer Exchange Day 7

Hello and welcome to Day 14 of Blogmas, Day 7 of the Beer Exchange and another festive outing on A Flimsy Plan! Remember last year when I enjoyed a Wave Pool at my friend’s Hanukkah party? Well, Beer 7 was yet another beer that paired super well with latkes. 

Beer 7 Wrapped (Jenkins Grapefruit Ale)

All in all, it was an amazing, lowkey, party with amazing blini/smoked salmon based appetizers courtesy of Jenny, good conversation… and an adorable new baby!

Greg, Becky, Alec and Menorah
Can we all acknowledge how OVER it this little baby looks!?

Look at how cute and grownup my friends Becky and Greg look with their little boy. Can you believe that they hosted a full-on Hanukkah party at their home… and made the latkes? And provided the most delicious sugar cookies in the shapes of stars, dreidels, and menorahs? 

Sugar cookies. Boring but delicious

We kept the evening mostly lowkey, for obvious reasons, but I did take the beat to drink Beer 7. And to find out more about it, follow me through the cut…

Beer 7  unwrapped with latkes - Marda Loop Brewing Company Jenkins Grapefruit Ale
Latkes! and broccoli salad!

Beer 7 was a beer that I wouldn’t normally think of as seasonally appropriate, but was somehow very fresh and delicious. John, a dear friend that I’ve known and created art with for over a decade, selected the Marda Loop Brewing Company Jenkins Grapefruit Ale. A classic Erin beer, the Jenkins Grapefruit Ale has an IBU of 16 and an ABV of 5%. 

They describe this beer as an all-season ale and I would say that is accurate. Despite being a fruit/citrus forward Grapefruit ale, the Jenkins is a surprisingly dry bevvie. That’s what made it work with the latkes and other rich foods. I was so delighted to drink this beer and enjoy an amazing night with friends – even if just for the nostalgia, I suspect I’m going to purchase it again!

Books! books! Books!

This is not relevant… but can we look at how cute this little book exchange area is in their lobby!? I love living in a house, not an apartment, but amenities like this make me so envious!

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