Beer Exchange Day 7

Y’all! Y’all! How are we here on Beer Exchange Day 7? How are we so far into this month?

And how has it been such a nice December? I feel like this time of year is often frantic and crazy. And, while this December has definitely been very full of social events and projects, it’s felt very manageable. I’ve been wondering if part of the reason it’s been like this is because I’ve been taking a few moments daily to come and check into this space?

I don’t know, y’all, but it’s been nice.

Beer Exchange Day 7 - Wrapped

Perhaps you are wondering why I’ve decided to photograph Day 7 next to a screen grab of Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights? (Other than the fact that City Lights is a truly amazing movie and everyone should watch it?)

I have another project that I haven’t actually spoken about on the blog yet. Friend of the blog Claire, man of the theatre Dan Gibbins and I are recording a podcast where we watch all of the Oscar Best Picture winners. And then we compare and contrast them with the Box Office Champs. Some years are horrifying, some years are amazing.

And I enjoyed Beer 7 while watching the Best Picture (Cimarron) and the Box Office Champ (City Lights, duh) of 1931.

Beer 7 Cimarron

And, no, I am not exaggerating when I say that I drank it through both movies. Beer 7 was Dandy Brewing Company‘s Dandy in the Underworld Oyster Stout.

The Oyster Stout is a big, robust beer that drinks like a meal. It is also Dandy’s most popular and easiest to purchase beer – at only 5.5% ABV, it’s a reasonable stout to have on a weekday. It just takes a long time to drink. There’s a lot of rich coffee and chocolate flavour packed into that little beer.

I should mention that Dandy is a cool little brewery located just across the street from the barre studio I worked at for years. They have an amazing food menu as well. Plus they often have special small batch brews that you can only pick up there! I do think that this beer would have gone down a little bit faster with some good conversation and a Welsh rarebit. Sometimes you’ve got to pair a beer with the right thing.

Dandy Oyster Stout

That said… it was a pretty good week of movies and a pretty yummy night of beer. I hope to enjoy it in the Dandy Tasting Room next time, but this time was pretty good too.

Sooo… who’s looking forward to hearing about the newest podcast when we’re ready to drop it!?

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