Beer Exchange Day 8

I feel like you all can kind of guess what’s coming. This is the point in December where days are getting busy. We have nine (9!!!) days until Christmas and my schedule is starting to get jam-packed with plans. In fact, I’m darting off this post quickly before I go to see blog favourite, Forte Musical Theatre’s Naughty… But Nice!, enjoy my yearly festive get-together with Claire and Kendra, and then read a new play by one of my favourite new collaborators.

Beer 8 wrapped

So, you can imagine – I was looking for a little bit of consistency, familiarity, and comfort this week. Beer Eight gave me exactly what I needed as I settled in to watch another episode of Survivor. (And significantly less infuriating than last week’s episode! What a delight!) Though Austin should definitely be making that penitent face that he is making in this photo.

Beer 8 unwrapped - Sea Change Brewing Company's Prairie Fairy

Sea Change Brewing Company’s Prairie Fairy 

Yessss!!! Sharp memories may recall this beer from the inaugural beer exchange. It was Claire’s submission, selected because of the label, and an utterly delightful blackberry wheat ale. It has a 5% ABV and an 18 IBU so… you know this drinkable pink beer is something I absolutely go for. And this year our friend Amy included it! So nice to try it again. I loved a classic while watching a comfort show. 

I just took a peek at the Sea Change website and they have some truly interesting beers on the menu. A salted watermelon sour? A blueberry & earl grey wheat ale? A coconut florentine stout?! I haven’t seen a ton of Sea Change options in liquor stores down here in Calgary… so maybe it’s time for a trip up to Edmonton?

What do y’all think? Is it worth it to go to Edmonton on the sole mission of trying different beers?

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