Beer Exchange Day 8

Can we just talk about how nice it is to spend a night at home sometimes, even during the holiday season? I know FOMO can be a very real thing (Rylee gets crazy FOMO when it’s time to go to bed). But, like… what if the thing you are missing out on is some quality time in your home that you spend a lot of money to live in?

I had originally planned to run a few errands tonight, maybe take a barre class, but it was crazy cold out and I just did not have it in me. Instead I had a super lovely evening in, with my treadmill, candles and a bath with a good book. I went super low-key for dinner (bagged salad with chicken strips on it) and soon it’s time for the season finale of Survivor. (Again… still Team Erika.)

But today’s post… today’s post is not about my nice night at home. Today’s post is about Beer Exchange Day 8.

Beer 8 - "... I won't do what you tell me" Wrapped

Or I guess it’s maybe a little bit about a night at home because, just like the long ago Beer 2, I enjoyed this beer while cooking. (And watching some classic Grey’s Anatomy.) And, just like Beer 2… it was a fruit beer!

"... I won't do what you tell me" beer unwrapped

As soon as I unwrapped Day 8, I was so excited to drink it. The XhAle Brew Co. “… I won’t do what you tell me” Raspberry Cherry Belgian Saison? Obsessed!

I’ve never actually heard of XhAle Brew Co before. But I love fruit beers and I love saisons so, of course, I was all over this. The “… I won’t do what you tell me” Cherry Belgian Saison is a strong beer, with a 7.3% ABV and a 22 IBU. Definitely an “at home” beer, but if the Beer Exchange has taught us anything, we know this beer is for me. It has a deceptively mild, drinkable taste that offers enough different flavours to make it interesting.

Additionally, XhAle appears to have a strong focus on sustainability and social justice. (I feel like the name of the beer makes this instantly obvious.) We love to see it!

And I cannot wait to see this beer around town! It looks like one of my favourite local places Cannibale offers their Saison. I guess I will have to leave my house again sometime…

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