Beer Exchange Day 9

Beer 9 Wrapped

Can we talk about how cute the wrapping for Beer 9 is!? There has been a lot of great wrappings during the Beer Exchange (and a super borderline one that I did not post for my beer), but there is something about that gift tag that just tickled my fancy.

It indicated that there was something special about Beer 9 and it did not lie.

(Note: More information about the beer after the cut. But also more information about Survivor so just… like… read through with caution if you don’t want to be spoiled.)

Because, yes, I definitely drank Beer 9 while watching the season finale of Survivor: 41. It has been almost two decades since I watched a season live (probably since Survivor: Amazon, back in 2003), but the excitement of the finale is still there, baby. Team Erika!

Needless to say, I was thrilled with the winner. The scuttlebutt I see on the internet is suggesting that she is divisive, but most winners are. I just felt like her low-key, social game that focused on understanding people and communication is how I would probably play. I would never play Survivor because I hate having to work against people, but I still liked seeing it work.

Beer 9 - Social Candy

And I really liked the beer I drank while watching the marathon three hour long finale. Social Candy is another Establishment Brewing beer, just like Day 4, but it is a part of their special “white can” series. They describe the white can series as “the fruits of our quest to brew the best Imperial New England IPA we can” – and I have to say, that intimidated me! As did the 8.5% ABV… no, you didn’t read that wrong on the can. This was the strongest of beers!

And it was so yummy. Social Candy is surprisingly drinkable, bright, and just a little bit hazy. However, it is a lot. It has a lot of flavour, it has a lot of alcohol, it’s best drank on its own. Not with food. Megan told me that she tried to have it with dinner and had to wait until afterwards.

It was super special, though, and I was so glad that I got to enjoy it while watching a super special episode of tv. (At home. After all, this is at home week.)

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