Consistency: The Other C-Word

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I know, I know. No one is thrilled that I am writing this Fitness Friday post. I’m not even thrilled that I’m writing this Fitness Friday post. Consistency sucks. Our lives are inconsistent and nothing is worse than when things feel busy or out of control and then someone starts preaching the value of consistency in your face. You just want to shout “I’m doing the best I can!”

I know you are, babe.

But when you get into a consistent habit, it does actually feel so good. This is an anecdote that I share a lot, but several years ago I decided to prove to myself that I could build a habit… so I started making my bed every morning. And now, while parts of my morning routine will vary, making my bed is always a part of it. (Though I haven’t really taken this lesson forward to building other habits… maybe that’s a goal for this year!)

What does consistency have to do with Fitness Friday?

Okay, yes, that is kind of a facetious question – I feel like the answer is pretty self-evident if you know what “consistency” means.

Webster’s Dictionary defines consistency as “harmony of conduct or practice with profession”

Webster’s Dictionary

Since Webster’s is doing my job for me, I’ll provide context.

I am doing a barre challenge – in a studio! – for the first time in forever. (Barre West‘s 60 Day Heartbeat Challenge, to be specific.) The goal is to do either 30, 40, or 50 classes in 60 days, either online or in person. Y’all know that I love challenges and this balance between constraints but flexibility is perfect for me. I don’t have to try to go every single day (or else fall into a panic spiral), but it gives me inspiration to prioritize barre classes.

This is not a revelation – but it’s definitely working.

In yesterday’s class, my instructor (the incomparable Adriana, co-founder of Barre West and my former boss) gave a great quote from her husband. He said “working out is super fun when you’re in shape, but when you haven’t been working out it sucks” (paraphrased).

Yeah. That one really hit for me.

And that’s why consistency is awesome and terrible at the same time.

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