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I learned how to adjust my desk chair at my office today! I’ve been in this office for a few weeks, but it still feels like “not mine” – this small little change has made such a difference towards making me feel like I have ownership over the space I work within. And just in time for the holiday break, lol. Classic Erin moment. 

Today’s blog post is not about classic Erin moments. (Though… that might not be a terrible idea for the future?) Today’s post is about the second last beer of my Eighty-Eight beer advent calendar. How are we already here!? 

I will take a moment to reflect on the experience before I move into the beer. I do think it was well worth the money ($88, naturally) and I appreciated the opportunity to try new beers at a place I am familiar with but have a “go to” beer. I think next year, if there is no beer exchange, I will buy another advent calendar. However, I think I would be more likely to buy one of the ones from a liquor store so I could be exposed to new breweries as well. 

All that to say… onto the beer!

Day Eleven Clue

Beer Eleven clue

The Day Eleven clue read “Don’t forget the water wings”. Well, I had a pretty good idea of what this one might be – could it be the classic “Wave Pool”?

Wave Pool (Tropical IPA)

Wave Pool beer details

Yessss! I had a hunch it would be Wave Pool and I was so excited to be right. Eighty-Eight describes Wave Pool as a “gateway” IPA and that is absolutely accurate. It is hop-forward, but they are juicy, tropical hops. Nothing drying or bitter here! (By the way, did you know that “hoppy” just means you can taste the flavour of the hops and there is a wide variety of flavours there could be? You learn something new!) Now the stats of this beer might come as a surprise to you, knowing my taste – it is a 6.2% ABV and a 68 IBU. And yet I like it!

I have basically no pictures of this beer because I enjoyed it at my friend’s Hanukkah party. Yes, it did pair amazingly with the latkes, in case you were wondering. I was just too busy eating latkes, lighting the menorah (well, watching it), and celebrating with the people I adore.

How are you celebrating with the people you adore these days?

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