Eighty-Eight Beer Advent Calendar – Day Eight

It is Day 16 of Blogmas (in the home stretch no matter how many days I’m doing), and I have so many fun unexpected holiday plans this weekend. Tonight I’ll be heading out to Market Collective with my mom to hopefully finish my gift shopping and definitely buy some delicious hummus. Afterwards, Megan and I are going to hit up Cold Garden to get festive with some Kegnog (yes, it is exactly what it sounds like). And then I think Claire and I are going to try to see the Lunchbox Theatre holiday show tomorrow! 

But before I can do any of that? It’s time to talk about Beer Eight…

Day Eight Clue

Day Eight Clue

The Day Eight clue read “The gift we always wanted but never got”. Is this one Hammer Pants!?

Power Wheels (Mosaic Hazy IPA)

Power Wheels details

No, still not Hammer Pants. Instead it’s Power Wheels, a very fruit forward and un-hoppy hazy IPA. I think the most important thing I’ve learned from this advent calendar is that I don’t need to shy away from a beer just because it has “IPA” in the name. Because I loved this one too. Granted, it has a 30 IBU, so it’s right in my sweet zone. It also has a little bit of extra kick with a 6.3% ABV. 

Oh, and for those who are interested, “Mosaic” refers to the type of hops used in this beer. My casual googling has taught me that this is a very new American variety of hops and it is the origin of the fruit flavours I picked up on in the Power Wheels. I feel like I’ve somehow learned a lot about the making of beer and also absolutely nothing, lol. 

Power Wheels Podcast recording

Anyway, speaking of knowing nothing – I enjoyed Power Wheels while recording a couple of episodes of Academy versus Audience. If you enjoy the type of content where we reimagine the 2022 version of classic movies, you should listen to our most recent mini-sode where we reimagine the 1940s version of a 2022 movie. And in the next episode, I’m going to discuss a classic movie icon (other than Scarlett O’Hara) that I highly identify with. Any guesses?

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