Eighty-Eight Beer Advent Calendar – Day Five

Let me say, y’all, I have never been more glad that I have a beer advent calendar to fall back on during Blogmas. I know a lot of people pre-write their posts, but that isn’t for me, fam. I prefer to share my life as it is unfolding and also I prefer to live in a state of utter chaos. Because I make healthy choices. 

Anyway, today has been super full and tomorrow suggests it will be the same. Classic Saturday – working at Movelology, doing some Pilates, gluing a carpet back together, going to Rylee’s Christmas concert, buying bras… Tomorrow will be equally busy, full of barre, the Saskatoon Berry Farm holiday market, some crib, and recording MOA. I also have to watch the Shadowhunters episode by tomorrow and three movies for Academy versus Audience by Tuesday. So, as you can imagine, I’m very glad that I can write a short little post about beer today!

Let me take a minute to talk about Rylee’s Christmas concert first, though. Adorable. Toddlers are the cutest. But it definitely reinforced for me how young she is (she turns 3 at the end of the month). When I’m playing with her, I feel like she’s such a big kid and has grown up so much, but then I saw, like, the 4 year olds in her class and they were so much bigger. She’s very cute though. 

Also- parents of toddlers? Y’all should stop talking when the emcee is. Even if she has a microphone. Man, did the amount of people who kept talking give me anxiety… Anyway! Onto the beer!

Clue Five

Day 5 clue

Clue Five read “One toot is all you need”. I didn’t have a good immediate guess, but once again the Eighty-Eight website gave me a fairly good guess… 

Warp Whistle (Honey Hazy IPA)

warp whistle details

Hells yes. This is the beer I guessed and I was super excited to drink it. I was less excited to drink it once I realized it had an 8.4% ABV which meant that one beer was going to put me out of commission for the night. But, hey, it was a Friday and I love a haze in my beer and I didn’t have anywhere to go.

I crushed this super drinkable beer while watching that new Lindsay Lohan Christmas movie with a friend. Both were light and cute, if not the best thing I have consumed this year. If someone handed me a Warp Whistle, I would definitely drink again. But would I order it if I was at the taproom? Probably not… there have just been other beers I’ve loved more. But if you are into orange fruits, honey, creamy beers, or a fairly unique haze, this is the beer for you. (And if you love plots that make little sense, the movie is for you!)

Honestly, I think this is another one of those beers that is a good intro to IPAs, the hops are very muted. Dip your toe into these flavours, babes!

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