Eighty-Eight Beer Advent Calendar – Day Nine

Happy Day 18, everyone! I cannot believe how fast this month has gone by. This happens pretty much every month, I think, but I’m always surprised when it’s almost the 25th. (This is when I get paid. It’s not a Christmas reference. But also it is.)

Anyway, I must admit that I am a little bit burnt out. Nothing to do with blogmas, only to do with having too many fun things to get up to. If you read yesterday’s post, you can probably read between the lines that I left my house at 7:30 am on Friday and only returned home to sleep between then and 10 pm on Saturday.

Today was a very similar vibe – I left home at about 8:30 for Pilates at Junction 9, then headed directly over to my mom’s house for the annual holiday baking tradition. I followed that up with picking up some sushi from Kinjo Express, where they are always so lovely, then finally tried to grab some veggies for Christmas. (I was not super successful. I’m not paying $9 for snap peas and $6 for a cauliflower, thank you. I will follow the flyers and find a better price.)

Rylee helping baking

But look at how cute our little baking helper was! (She was helping by tearing apart a Toblerone box.)

Anyway, when I got home for the next two hours, I just read in the bath and then laid on my bed, scrolling on my phone. Which I literally never do. Like I said, burn out.

I finally rallied, though. I did slightly more meal prep than I expected to actually achieve at – vegan banana muffins for breakfasts and lentil quesadillas for lunches. And I washed my sheets. And now I’m writing a blog post. The world is my oyster, my friends. And speaking of oysters…

Day Nine Clue

Day 9 Clue

Actually, I’m not speaking of oysters at all. I’m just too tired for good transitions. So instead, please read the Day Nine clue which states “You deserve to sleep in”. This time I was pretty sure it was not Hammer Pants…

Good Morning (Vietnamese Coffee Stout)

Good Morning details

No, no it was not. The Good Morning is a Vietnamese coffee stout, and I was very unsure of it. I am often not a fan of stouts. This girl does not want a beer that she can chew, she wants a beer that maybe doesn’t taste like it should be beer. (Except sometimes it can taste like beer, I guess. Like, I’m sure some of those hazy IPAs I liked tasted like beer. Also, I do like a classic Bud Light in the summer because Stampede.)

Anyway, I was scared of the Good Morning. But I did drink the entire thing while recording Mystery, Outsiders and Abs, and I did like it. I neglected to internalize the fact that it is a Vietnamese Coffee Stout. What is important is the fact that Vietnamese coffee is sweet and creamy because it contains sweetened condensed milk. So… duh, I liked this beer. It had a little bit of kick, with strong coffee flavours, a 6.5% ABV, and an IBU of 40. Classic podcast fuel!

Good Morning podcasting

So, because I am so burnt out, I basically just need to veg out and watch tv any time I am home over the next couple days. What are we watching now, team?

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