Eighty-Eight Beer Advent Calendar – Day Six

Another day, another blogmas post coming in just under the wire. I’m going to have to do a round up post on the social medias of all these late night blogmas posts, I think.

Today was a really great day, though. I have a holiday tradition of taking a day off work and going shopping with my dad to help him pick out gifts for my mom. I do a weekday morning workout class, my dad buys me a tea, we hit up a few stores, and then my parents and I go for a fun late lunch. This year, I took a Strength and Sweat class with the incredible Nicole Bouwman – I don’t get to take her class often because she teaches when I work. You should 100% take advantage of the thing I can’t do and take her Monday 0930 or Saturday 1030 class. I got my favourite Cardamom French Toast tea from David’s Tea, we bought my mom some very exciting gifts. And then we headed over to one of my local pubs, Penny Black, and I had a restaurant burger for the first time in ages. Delicious.

And now I’m going to write about a beer I was afraid of.

Day Six Clue

Beer 6 Clue

The Day Six Clue read “Did you say night-cap??” and I will be honest that I had no idea what this clue was leading up to. I also still might not know what it was referencing. Maybe the drink knocked that smart part of my brain out of my head?

Because once you follow me through the cut, you’ll understand why I say this.

Skeleton Crew (Fig Newton Barley Wine)

Skeleton Crew details

Day 6 was the Skeleton Crew, a Fig Newton Barley Wine. It is a big, nutty, dark beverage with a 44 IBU… and a 10.8% ABV. When I shared this information with my brother Kevin, he exclaimed “You’re drinking wine! That’s a 355 ml can of wine!”(You can hear this, because I decided to drink the beer on recording in our most recent MOA episode. Please click on through and enjoy.)

He wasn’t wrong, but he also wasn’t right. A barley wine is a beer, actually, but it has some wine vibes. It’s a rich, intense, malty English-style beer. The article I linked above suggests that it pairs well with nuts or cheese, which I kind of wished I had saved it for? I’m definitely going to have to see if I can pick up a little can of it to save for a special charcuterie night.

Skeleton Crew Recording

But I didn’t save it. For you all. Because I needed the content for Blogmas, friends! I drank it while recording an episode of Mystery, Outsiders and Abs – and I hope you enjoy listening to that content as well!

So I’m curious! Who here has ever drank a barley wine? Sound off in the comments!

Actually, also… why was it Skeleton Crew? Is night-cap a reference to running the Skeleton? Or is it a reference to, like… a bone in the skull? Am I dumb?

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