Eighty-Eight Beer Advent Calendar – Day Ten

Day 20 tortilla soup!

Today is a very special night. This blogmas post is being written in real time. Like, I’m still drinking the Day 10 beer as I write it. It is incredibly cold out in Calgary – like this insane frigid air from Siberia, aka the coldest air on earth, has swept in. I was lucky enough to work from home today and, despite a dream of going to barre at 5:15 tonight, I am officially hibernating. 

Tonight is a night for soup, Hallmark movies, and the Day 10 Beer.

Day Ten Clue

Beer Ten Clue

The Day Ten clue read “Just in case you’re all alone.” And boy, oh boy, was I able to guess which beer it was!!

Tiffany (Rose Saison)

Tiffany details

Finally! The time had come that I could enjoy my very favourite Calgary beer – the Tiffany rose saison. I will admit, I bought it once and somebody told me it was a limited edition – y’all know I love an exclusive thing. But it’s two years later and this beer is still here for me to love…

Yes, it is a pink beer. Yes, it has a 24 IBU. But it also has a 8% ABV and it packs a real kick! Unlike the other sweet beers I’ve enjoyed over the past month, this beer is dry yet fruity. If you like a real rose (not a pink zinfandel), this is the beer for you. It is such a great entry into craft beer. It’s just also super dangerous, haha.

Tiffany cooking

Anyway, I made a delicious tortilla soup with real peppers in adobo sauce (which added a great smokiness) and it did not pair at all, but I loved it and I am so happy on this cold night.

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