Eighty-Eight Beer Advent Calendar – Day Twelve

Beer 12 in cozy

Happy Boxing Day, everyone! I hope you have been enjoying a day of virtually nothing, taking advantage of a day when many things are shut down, even if you don’t actually celebrate the holiday. (And if your particular industry wasn’t shut down, I hope everyone you interacted with was super nice and now that the work is done, you’re enjoying doing virtually nothing.) And speaking of doing virtually nothing…

I don’t know what I was thinking, y’all. I mean what I was thinking when I decided I wanted to post a blog post on December 24 about something that happened on December 24. (Drinking the Day 12 beer, if you didn’t read the title.) Christmas Eve is a big day in our family, it’s the time where we have fun appies and play games and open one present. It’s also the day where we crash out on the couch while watching the Grinch at 6pm if we’re Rylee. It’s hard to be almost 3 and have a little cold.

Anyway, because it’s such a fun, special night in our family, of course I wanted to save the Day 12 beer. I knew the beer had to be special. But… like… I should have pre-written/scheduled a post. Or at least pre-written and photographed this drink and then just added the tasting notes on Saturday. 

But, honestly, if I’m not doing it somewhat haphazardly, is it even A Flimsy Plan?

Beer Twelve Clue

Beer 12 clue

The Beer Twelve clue read “All the great ones leave their mark”. We have to ask is this one Hammer Pants!?

The Wet Bandits (Triple IPA)

Beer 12 details

Duh, of course it was not! The final beer was a very special holiday one, one that you maybe would have been able to guess was coming if you had read my post about the taproom pop-up – the Wet Bandits! And it came in a really cute Eighty-Eight beer cozy! (Can you believe that I don’t actually own any cozies? What a win.)

Wet Bandits beer

As you can likely imagine, I was also afraid of this beer. You know how I feel about IPAs. Especially IPAs that are 10.1% ABV with an IBU of 88.

Here’s the thing, though. I don’t know if Eighty-Eight has trained me to drink IPAs over the past 11 beers or if this was just really well suited to my tastes. But I loved it. It wasn’t bitter, though there was a little bite to it. It was just extremely well balanced. I don’t know if I’d be buying it for myself, because I can’t be drinking 10.1% beers on the reg, but I was so glad to kick off the holiday season with this festive little beer.

So tell me! I want to know all about your holiday season! What did you give? What did you get? Most importantly, what did you drink?!

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