Eighty-Eight Beer Advent Calendar – Day Two

Christmas Decorations

It’s beginning to feel a lot like the holiday season! Sometimes, when you don’t have kids who are getting hyped for the holidays, it can be hard to inspire yourself to decorate seasonally. (Okay, when I say “sometimes”, I mean “sometimes for me”. I know there are a lot of fantastic single ladies out there who are very into changing their decor when the seasons change. But I fear change, so it is not me.) 

But! I publicly announced that I needed to declutter my living room this weekend, which meant that I was very shamed into actually doing it. And once I was already moving things around, I might as well decorate. And by “decorate”, I mostly mean “put Christmas balls on surfaces”. I like to optimize the little decor I have. And I also like sparkly things.

And I also like enjoying a beer from my advent calendar while I’m haphazardly decorating! 

Day Two Clue

Day 2 Clue

The Day Two clue read “Just wanna have fun”. 

I actually just spent an evening at Eighty-Eight with friends of the blog, Megan and Claire, and I know they have a really fantastic seasonal White Wine Spritzer IPA called “Cyndi”…

Cyndi (White Wine Spritzer IPA)

Cyndi stats

Okay, remember last year when I was unsure about IPAs? 

This is why I love Eighty-Eight. This is the second IPA of the advent calendar and I’ve loved them both.

The thing with Cyndi is that it involves this esoteric ingredient – “Phantasm”. From what I understand, Phantasm is a powder made from New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc grapes and it does a thing that brings out flavours during fermentation. (Usually fruit flavours. Usually tropical fruit flavours. Maybe always those specific flavours?) That makes this beer weird, a little bit wine-y, a little bit fruity, but not sweet at all and ultimately very special. 

All in all, I feel super lucky that I had a unique beer to enjoy while Christmas decorating. And with a 5.5% ABV and an unknown IBU, it was a very do-able day time beer.

Cyndi with decorations

It looks like the cans are sold out on the Eighty-Eight website, so swing by the taproom to enjoy this special beer! Maybe this afternoon when they have an amazing market that includes my dear friend Amy’s cards

Food for thought, y’all…

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