EXmas (Movie… Review???)

Okay, first of all, this is not a movie review, despite what the title says. I have no business doing a movie review. I’m just a girl (aka grownass woman) talking about a Christmas movie that I watched in the year of our lord 2023 because I thought that maybe this new release might come up at Christmas movie trivia. (It didn’t. Because why would it?) That’s right! I’m talking about the 2023 Christmas movie, EXmas, starring Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) and Robbie Amell (Upload). And I feel medium about it!

EXmas poster - stolen from the internet

So, being a Canadian, I watched Exmas on Amazon Prime. I have no idea what it was available on otherwise – the poster says it’s a “freevee” exclusive. That seems like a real US thing. 

EXmas is a Hallmark Christmas movie with slightly more budget and slightly less concern for traditional “family values”. Like for reals – the plot summary is “Graham surprises his family at Christmas only to discover his ex-fiancee is already celebrating the holiday with his family when he arrives” (IMBD, 2023). Could it be any more trope-y? (tm Chandler Bing. RIP, Matthew Perry.)

But, honestly, Meester and Amell have good chemistry and there are a few genuinely good laughs. (There are also some shoehorned in scenarios, but what else is new?) And also, who hasn’t been on a date with a sales guy where he tries to sell you the thing his business is all about? There are mild stakes, some mild drama, a little bit of a health scare, but nothing that won’t be resolved within 24 hours. And at least in this movie, unlike so many others, the main characters actually talk about their emotions and thoughts. Occasionally.

Do not pay money for this movie. But if you have a festive drink, a festive spirit, and access to Amazon Prime, Exmas is absolutely worthwhile while you are wrapping presents or whatever.

Also, there is a goat.

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