Fries and Ice Cream Day

fries and ice cream

Today is a fries and ice cream day.

I know it’s only Monday, but this is a heavy week and last week wasn’t particularly light either.

It’s the holiday season. Life is very full. I work in post-secondary education and we are coming into exam time. No one is the best version of themselves during a time of heavy stress. This is something I understand and honour, but it can sometimes be hard to remember. It’s even harder to love and embrace, especially when I see it in myself.

Obviously, I don’t want to provide any details about my life circumstances and I can’t provide any about my work, but I did want to share this little slice of fries and ice cream. I think it’s important to remember that it’s not all festive fun in December, and we can all approach each other with a little bit more kindness and grace.

I think we can do that all the time, to be honest.

And, beyond that, I think we can honour when, even though so many things are so very wonderful, the things that are immediately in front of us are not. We can dive into the chaos, celebrate it, and emerge safely, ready to float, on the other side. (That is a shoddily formed ocean metaphor, in case you were wondering. It’s an image that I hold dear to my heart, even if I can’t articulate it.)

Which is why I will admit – I really did want Dairy Queen (I have an inordinate love for their hot food, especially their poutine), but I missed my DQ window, so these McDonald’s fries and Skor McFlurry will do.

Even Rylee agrees!

Rylee and fries
She’s singing, not crying

How do you process a slightly less than festive day? What is your version of fries and ice cream?

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