Fun Holiday Things To Do Alone

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Long time readers of this blog know that one of the key tenets since the beginning has been getting comfortable with your own company and doing things alone. I started the blog not long after going through both a major romantic breakup and a major friend breakup. I needed to learn how to be there for myself. And, now, my friends? I do so enjoy my own company. So deeply, in fact, that today’s post is all about fun holiday things to do alone.

“Spring” (aka Winter) Cleaning

Yeah. Who’d ever think I would write that? I take no joy in cleaning. However, there is something delightful about taking these lovely slower days to get your house sparkling. Not because you necessarily have people coming over, but because it’ll look nice for you.

Go See a Christmas Play

Unlike my last suggestion, you probably saw this one coming. But, for real! You can’t talk during a play anyway, so why not dress up, grab a festive bevvie and take yourself on a cultural date?

Do Some Baking

Sometimes baking is a one-person job. Throw on a podcast or your favourite holiday playlist and enjoy baking without having to worry that you’re going to bump elbows with someone else. Plus! You’ll become such a popular guest. Because you can bring baked goods everywhere you go and you won’t need to share the credit.

Treat Yo’ Self

This seems like a perfect opportunity to do one of those self-care things that are truly one-person activities. Face masks, foot masks, hand masks – do all the masks and watch a dumb tv show. Get your tarot cards read. Do a sensory float. Get extremely sweaty during an intense workout. Focus on you, yo!

Read Holiday Books

Nothing feels better than cozying up with a heartwarming (or truly terrible) holiday book without anyone to bother you. Last year, I wrote about a few holiday Kindle Unlimited books I was interested in – watch this space for an update this year!

Go to a Friendmas Party

Yes. You read it. You do not need a partner to go to a party with your friends. They are your friends. They want to talk to you. You can throw on a holiday sweater, eat delicious food, and laugh about the fact that you now talk about mortgages while at a party – all without a partner! Let’s be real: if you brought your partner, they’d probably be off talking to another group anyway.

Winter Photo Walk

Can you even imagine how vibe-y and grounding this would be? Pop in your headphones to listen to your favourite playlists and wander through your hood. Snap photos of whatever tugs at your heartstrings – this photo stroll is exclusively for you.

Set Some Goals

One of my favourite holiday traditions, whether I’m single or not, is to take myself for a nice dinner on New Year’s Day. I reflect on the year behind me, set some goals, and read. This “me time” has become a charming ritual to kick off the upcoming year in the right state of mind.

There you have it! My curated list of delights for reveling in your own company this holiday season. But, my brilliant readers, you’re the real stars here, so spill the tea in the comments!  What do you think of when you think about fun holiday things to do alone?

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