Getting Organized for Fall – lolol

getting organized for fall

I know. This is a wellness post and it’s not Wednesday, just like my fitness post that didn’t drop on a Friday. My days are all over the place right now and it’s part of why I very much need to write this particular post. About getting organized for fall (hahaha). 

Sometime in mid-August, for no reason whatsoever, I announced on Academy Vs Audience that people should read my blog because we were getting organized for fall. Lol, what? 

In a not at all shocking turn of events, I proceeded to do nothing. In part because I had no idea where that announcement came from, but in part because I immediately started going through it. You know what it’s like. When everything just happens all at once and you absolutely cannot be alone with your thoughts because there are too many of them to reorganize into helpful patterns so why not buy a $17 cocktail and read a book somewhere loud and crowded so that the overstimulation can override said too many thoughts? 

And, honestly, sometimes that is kind of helpful too.

But things are slowing down now and I’m entering a new season of my life both literally and symbolically so… here we are, y’all. Come on with me… we’re getting organized for fall.

An Organized Home is a Happy Home

an organized home
Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

Hmm… maybe. Like, a hard maybe.

But my home is full of utter chaos right now (there’s been a lot of “drop and go” over the past month or so) and in approximately 7 days, I will be living alone for the first time in quite a few years. I am about due for a classic Home Organization moment. 

I will be taking a week off work in later October to really dig into this process. (Because I am vacation time rich at the moment, while not being remotely financially rich.) The Home Edit will play a big role, I imagine, with lots of acrylic sorting devices and creating “spaces” in my home. Maybe I’ll finally be emotionally ready for a little closet and book purge.

Or maybe I’ll just shove all the clutter into the closet in what used to be my roommate’s room and throw away makeup that is not yet expired and I do still wear but that stressed me out by being on the counter.

It’s impossible to say! What a fun adventure!

Meal Prep

Meal Prep
Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

Long-time readers know that I love meal prep/batch cooking. This is partially because I’m not great at taking stock of my fridge or pantry and just whipping up a meal based on what I see. (I am pretty good at looking at my fridge or pantry and designing a meal prep based on what I need to use up… go figure? It just takes me longer to figure out what I’m doing, I guess.)

It’s also partially because when I get stressed or sad, I’m super bad at doing the eating thing unless it’s immediately in front of me. Like – if you made me dinner or took me to a restaurant, I’d eat some of it. If there is an already cooked meal in my fridge that I just need to heat up, I’ll eat it. But if I have to take myself to a restaurant, combine more than two ingredients, or am otherwise left to my own devices, you’re lucky if I’m eating a protein bar because it will all feel like too much. 

Meal prep helps me redefine and heal my relationship with food as something that nourishes me. I love food, I’m just bad at it sometimes. So, I am pulling out the ol’ meal prep guides (so that I don’t have to make any decisions, naturally) and dedicating a bit of time on the weekends to getting organized for fall. 

Planners Because Obviously

I mean, who doesn’t love a good daytimer? I exclusively buy the brand of planners because I like the weekly layouts and I can usually only find the 17-month versions, so there’s always 5 months that I just don’t use. But they’re usually on sale by the time I buy them in December, so you win some, you lose some. 

Anyway, I know for a fact that I can only keep myself organized and build habits when I am writing things down. I need that permanence. I write in my planner with pen. 

To be fair, I also fall off this for months at a time, but that’s okay too. Time to try again.

How Else Am I Getting Organized For Fall?

No, that’s it. Just three things. That’s probably all I can handle right now. (I mean… I used stock images for this post instead of taking my own. I’m clearly not thriving.)

It’s so important to realize you can’t change all the things at once. That’s a great way to get overwhelmed and freeze up. As someone who loves grand proclamations and making plans that never actually pan out the way I want, I’m okay with taking it slow right now. 

Maybe this is a sign that I’m finally the functional adult I’ve constantly been claiming to be.

So tell me… what little things are you doing to get organized for fall?

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