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Artisan Collective at Granary Road

Y’all! We’re almost halfway through Blogmas (unless I decide to actually for once, for real, do it all the way until December 31… that seems ambitious). Let’s celebrate today, not tomorrow which is the actual halfway point. I say this because tomorrow is a Beer Exchange post, which requires much less thought. And this post is about a favourite Blogmas topic – a holiday market! Specifically, the Christmas market at Granary Road.

Granary Road? The Farmer’s Market?

I’ve come across some who think of Granary Road simply as a farmer’s market with an outdoor play area. However, it is so much more than that. They are just outside of the city limits and take full advantage of the amount of room they have available. Sure, Granary Road has a farmer’s market. But it also has a sprawling activity park/play area, animals (both farm and petting), trampolines… a zip-line, apparently?

And this November/December, they also have a Christmas market with a rotating series of local vendors. That’s right! The vendors could buy a table for a day, weekend or multi-weekends, so even if you’ve visited once, the next day will be different.

Yesterday (Dec 10) the adult women in my family packed up the little girls (aka almost four year old Rylee and seven week old Wren) and headed down to the market to visit my brother Kevin. Kevin is an award-winning sci-fi/fantasy author and he bought a weekend table to sell his books and merch. By all accounts, it went great!

But What Can I Expect? Like… Visually?

But what was also great was experiencing the market with the little girls. We enjoyed delicious food and warmed ourselves by a fire. Rylee got to pet some goats and pose by a giant rocking horse. There was also a vendor using a pottery wheel on site, which was endlessly enthralling to that little girl.

And Wren was just happy to drink a bottle and be pushed around in her stroller. Because she is seven weeks old.

All in all, highly recommend!

Granary Road’s Christmas Market is still running for one more weekend, so you can check them out between 10-4 on Dec 16 & 17. And if you’re more upset that you missed Kevin’s books, you can find them here.

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