Hallmark Christmas Movies (The At Home Week)

Happy Saturday and happy Blogmas Day 18, friends! It’s the weekend, it’s mildly chilly outside, and I am getting ready to snuggle in on my couch. I have a mug of Sleigh Ride and I’m ready for a perennial Christmas tradition – Hallmark Christmas Movies!

You know the ones. Someone is way too busy or jaded for the season but a series of hijinks leads to both love and festivity.

Traditional Hallmark Christmas Movies

Traditional Hallmark Christmas movies are typically about a big city boy or girl returning to their hometown and reuniting with their first love. Usually they need to save a toy business/bakery/Christmas tree farm/community centre along the way.

Hallmark Movies - Christmas Encore

Christmas Encore is the perfect example of this type of Hallmark Christmas movie and it will infuriate anyone who has ever done a play. But y’all have heard those jokes before. And that’s not the type of Hallmark movie that I love.

For me, the weirder the better.

For instance, this is the movie I am going to watch today:

Hallmark Christmas Movies - USS Christmas

You guys, it’s a Navy themed Christmas movie. There is a mystery on a boat. And look at that young heroine, all starry-eyed next to a naval officer. I guarantee it will be insane, unbelievable, and so funny. I cannot wait.

Magical Christmas Movies

My go-to Hallmark Christmas movies are always ones that involve magic, though. Re-tellings of Christmas Carol or It’s A Wonderful Life? Ohhhh, my friends, I am such a sucker for those…

Hallmark Christmas Movies - Family for Christmas

Family For Christmas, starring Hallmark favourite Lacey Chabert, lives rent free in my mind, but there are tons of other versions of this type of story. Every year, the networks pump out one or two, and I end up PVRing them, then binge watching them all in the week coming up to Christmas. I love magic!

What I’m Excited for This Year

Speaking of the week coming up to Christmas… we are officially there. And it’s easier than every to curate your movie watching because these movies stream all over the place now. No longer do you have to watch Christmas at Pemberley Manor when what you really want is to see an unlikeable city girl win a baking competition and become likeable! And, since I’m in control of what I watch, here is my list:

Time for Them To Come Home for Christmas (terrible title, but amnesia is kinda like magic, so I’ll probably like it)

One December Night (because Peter Gallagher. duh.)

Cranberry Christmas (gotta love it when people have to pretend to be in love and trick themselves)

Holly & Ivy (only because I want to see Marisol Nichols be someone other than Hermione Lodge)

A Glenbrooke Christmas (because Taylor Townsend… I mean, Autumn Reeser)

Oh, and this one doesn’t count because it will probably actually be good, but I want to watch Netflix’s Love Hard!

I’m just going to assume you like Hallmark Christmas Movies too sooooo… what’s your favourite type of cheesy nonsense story!?

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