“I’m backpack, backpack, back again!”

Jan, also back again, Laughing - Drag Race All-Stars Season 6

No, my hair might not be purple, but I am fully laughing just as hard as Jan is in this classic Drag Race All-Stars 6 screencap. (And I promise not to get off track, but I truly do love and relate to Jan. Her need to always be on? It me. Plus, I too am backpack, backpack, back again.)

What the eff, how is it suddenly late October of 2021? Where have the past 8 months gone?

Well, I can tell you. They have gone to coping with a global health crisis (like many people), while working at a medical school full-time and completing a Master of Education degree full-time… at the same time. They have gone to figuring out how to write, facilitate and produce a completely Zoom-based play. And then they have gone towards literally doing nothing but watching Survivor and Drag Race or hanging out with friends outside for about two and a half months.

As you can likely imagine, I’ve been zonked creatively. Like many people, I have been living in a constant back and forth between chaos and recovery. And I fully recognize the irony that I wrote a post very similar to this back in September of 2020. How many times can one girl write a “I’m back!” post?

I’m a fully grown woman and this is the last “I’m back” post I will write. Hopefully. The time has come for consistency! Plus, I blew my Jan reference, so I have nothing left.

Anyway, in September 2020, I think I was a little bit unrealistic about how much room I truly had left to fill in my cup. But my cup is much emptier now! And I am slowly being able to do fun things in Calgary once again, in a very safe and mindful manner, which is what this blog is all about. I can write about things that aren’t books! Well… things that aren’t just books.

What a time to be alive! (… sort of)

So… yes, I’m backpack, backpack, back again. Watch this space for some random jokes and recaps of my adventures. I’m so excited! All I needed was this tiny post!

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