Mozart’s Birthday and Classy Heels: A Tale of Snow, Seats, and Symphony in Calgary

Last Friday, Calgary was hit by a surprise massive snowfall. (Actually, I’m sure meteorologists knew it was coming, but we had experienced fairly mild weeks prior to this so it still caught everyone by surprise.) By midday Saturday, things had settled down a bit… and thank goodness for that, because Claire and I had picked out our classiest heels to make the trek out to Balzac. And why were we driving to Balzac? Because we were being extremely classy and going to the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra’s Mozart’s Birthday concert!

For those who followed along during Blogmas, you may remember when I attended A Rocky Mountain High Christmas at the Grey Eagle Casino and mentioned that I would love to see the RMSO doing what they usually do in their home venue. Well! Something incredible happened – the RMSO reached out to me and offered me tickets to come see them at the Polaris Theatre. It was honestly so nice and sweet and y’all know that I love to support local artists. So we hit the road!

The Polaris Theatre

Claire and Erin in the Polaris Theatre Lobby
Claire and I enjoying the Polaris Theatre lobby

We’ve got to start it off by discussing said home venue, right? 

I will warn you first that, like most small venues in the Calgary area, the Polaris Theatre is located in a bit of an odd place. It is tucked into an industrial strip mall located behind Crossiron Mills mall. That said, it was super simple to find, had ample parking, and was completely wheelchair accessible. We love to see it!

In the lobby, there is a very cute full bar with very reasonable prices and a water dispenser. The bartender was so sweet and welcoming… and she made sure to tell us to enjoy the new seats

Ah, the new seats. The bartender would not be the first or the last person to mention the new seats. I think we heard about them no fewer than five times. But, y’all… they are actually really comfortable. Like, maybe the best small theatre seats I’ve sat in ever in Calgary? So I had to bring them up. RMSO, to answer your question – I did enjoy the new seats!

Erin smiling about the new seats
Big smiles for the new seats as we debriefed the concert

Mozart’s Birthday

And now let’s get down to it. How was the Mozart’s Birthday concert? Honestly, it was such a lovely night.

Picture of the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra, featuring the new seats
The new seats!

I am by no means a scholar of music. I am not intimately familiar with Mozart’s canon. What I am familiar with is having passion for your art and being full to the bursting point with the need to share it. And that was what I felt in this concert. From the passionate preambles by founder and music director Carlos Foggin to the diverse crowd in attendance, the concert was a testament to music being for the people. Regardless of whether you’re a music scholar or just someone who appreciates the beauty of a well-played tune, the RMSO’s performance was bound to move you. There was so much joy in that concert hall. 

In conclusion, the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra’s Mozart’s Birthday concert was a night to remember. The perfect blend of beauty, diversity, and joy, the concert is a reminder of why we attend live events – to experience the magic of music and the connection it brings us.

So, if you’re looking to support local artists and have a night of sophisticated fun, check out the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra. You can find their concert lineup on their website and buy tickets right there!

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