My 2022 Word of the Year: Open

2022 Word of the Year: Open

My friends, welcome to 2022! It is the first day of January, it’s a balmy -15 degrees outside (5 degrees Fahrenheit for those Americans out there), and I’m feeling super positive about the future.

Okay, yes, the Covid outside is Covid-y. (Omicron has hit my province, just like pretty much everywhere in Canada.) And I’m not quite sure how that’s going to impact various areas of my professional life. But my employment is stable and safe, and I know how lucky I am even during challenging times. So I’m not going to complain.

Any, hey, I didn’t have to get any emergency dental work done during the Christmas break this year! And I was able to get into and out of my parking spot as needed for the entire break.

Small victories, my friends.

My 2022 Word of the Year

Anyway, onto the meat of this post, the reason you’re all here – my 2022 Word of the Year.

2021’s Word of the Year was reach, which I think ended up as an appropriate choice. It wasn’t as dramatic as it might sound, but it was a year of stepping slightly beyond my comfortable zone. I finished my Masters’ degree. With a group of friends, I wrote, produced, and performed in an online play. (That opened on the same day I finished my Masters. Look, I have no chill.) I got back into live theatre… in a show where I have to do accents, no less. I reached.

However, I have also caught myself saying things like “We always do this”. “Absolutely not”. “I would never ask someone to do that”. In some cases, I think I am probably right in my absolutes. But that’s a big old “probably”. And I think I have some space to explore the corners of those “nevers” and “always”es. I think I can be more open to the “sometimes”.

So there you have it – my 2022 Word of the Year is open.

As always, I will be undertaking three January challenges – a Slightly-Damp January, a No-Spend challenge hosted by the wonderful Jenny and Yoga with Adriene’s Move yoga journey. Just like last year, the goal isn’t necessarily to be entirely perfect with any of these three things, but to stop and take stock. To help ground myself and walk into the rest of the year more open.

Now I have to know – what is your 2022 Word of the Year? Or do you prefer to do resolutions? Let me know!

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