My 2023 Word of the Year: Intentional

2023 word of the year - intentional

Elephant in the room, y’all – it’s January 2nd. Like many things on A Flimsy Plan, I’m just a little bit late with this post on my 2023 Word of the Year.

Admittedly, my last two days have been… unexpected. They were, in many ways, the perfect capstone to last year’s word of the year – Open. I had intended to spend both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day having quiet time with myself (including my yearly solo special dinner on New Year’s Day), but that wasn’t what ended up happening. And I’m absolutely okay with that… and the fact that this post is late.

I’m less okay with the fact that someone backed their lifted SUV into my car outside the Arts Commons parkade on NYE because they decided to drive backwards out of the parkade. But you can’t have all things, I guess. Not everything can be okay at all times.

Reflections on 2022’s Word of the Year

You know it already, I alluded to how it went a bit, but yes. 2022’s word of the year was Open. I was trying to find the space between the “never”s and “always”s to be open to “sometimes”. And, that, my friends, made this a year of change.

I started working on a Romeo and Juliet adaptation that is unlike any other play development process we’ve done before.

I went to pub trivia, and reformer pilates, and Frankensteined a Frankenstein by the pool at the Delta South.

I found a second home at Moveology.

I changed my living situation.

I started a new job in a whirlwind situation that I didn’t expect to actually happen.

And, if you watched my instagram stories at all in the fall, you know that I very much got my heart broken. Which, to be honest, was sort of something I didn’t think I had the ability to have happen anymore, so I guess it’s a relief to know that I still have a little bit of 2011!Erin tucked away inside me.

Somehow, everything feels entirely different than it did this time last year. But here I am still, sitting down at my computer to write another Word of the Year post.

My 2023 Word of the Year – Intentional

Which brings us to the 2023 Word of the Year. And you already know it, it was in the heading – Intentional. 

My word of the year always builds on the one from before. If everything has changed because I was open to change, now I need to figure out what I am going to do with all that change. It’s time to be a bit more intentional with the things I do and say. Like… y’all… I’ve never had a budget. I just spend money and at a certain point I feel like it’s too much money so I sort of stop spending for the rest of the month. 

That needs to change. I’m a woman in my mid-30s, time to just put more thought into my general existence. 

As always, I will be undertaking three January challenges – a Slightly-Damp January, a No-Spend challenge hosted by the wonderful Jenny and Yoga with Adriene’s Center yoga journey. I see these all as really fantastic opportunities to practice being intentional, to make mistakes and explore my thinking. I think you will see me reflect on them in this blog space a little bit more than I normally would, just because of my word of the year – intentional. I’m going to be intentional about it.

If you were to pick a word of the year, what would you pick? Do you do resolutions instead?

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