Naughty But Nice (The At Home Week)

Real talk time. I totally get that I’ve been writing about a lot of “going out and having festive fun” things so far this Blogmas. And I know that’s not everyone’s vibe. Maybe your going out comfort level is different than mine. Maybe you always prefer “home” to “not home”. Maybe you just need a little break because you’ve been out too much. Maybe you live where the air hurts your face.

We all have our own reasons to prefer to be at home. So, this week, I will be featuring activities that I’ve done at home this holiday season and ideas to keep your home time festive.

What kind of festive can we expect?

Cozy festive things!

Tea Latte

There will also be a lot of tea. (In this case, a tea latte featuring the Cardamom French Toast tea from David’s Tea. And also… if you are still looking for a gift for the beverage lover in your life, that Nespresso milk frother is a game changer.)

Naughty But Nice - Why Do I Live Where the Air Hurts My Face?

Those of you who follow me on the socials already know this, but last week my amazing friend Natasha came over for a little low-key holiday gathering. It was truly the lowest of keys – we drank tea lattes, ate cupcakes, and watched a streamed play. All from under the comfort of blankets!

The play we chose to watch was Forte Musical Theatre’s Naughty But Nice. Naughty But Nice is a comedy musical theatre revue – all original songs, all sassy, all funny. I will admit that I don’t think I made clear to Natasha just how adult the humour in the show is. She forgave me because of how funny it was, though!

I actually also watched the stream of Naughty But Nice with friends last year too. (From our own homes – the yearly holiday Girls Night with Claire and Kendra that I’ve written about way too many times on this blog, lol.) You can do that with this show, though. Every year the revue includes a few new songs to complement the old favourites. They also mix up the cast and just generally provide a new experience.

I’m Nervous About Something New… do I like things that are naughty but nice?

I get it, y’all. Your money is precious and you have to spend it carefully. If I haven’t sold you yet, you can check out the original cast recording on Spotify and Apple Music. You can also see the promo video for this year’s production on Forte’s YouTube page.

Alright, You’ve Sold Me!

Of course I have! And, luckily, you can still see it!

Naughty But Nice is streaming worldwide until December 19. The link goes live at 6pm each evening. At that point you have four hours to start watching and six hours once you start watching to finish. Head on over to their site and pick up a ticket for only $20. I think I might actually watch it one more time before Dec 19 – that’s how much I loved it!

“Why Do I Live Where the Air Hurts My Face” is a classic from the show. (The terrible picture I took above actually is from that number. It is terrible as to not spoil the reveal.) There is also a New Year’s Eve number they added this year that I am obsessed with. Watch the show and let me know – what is your favourite Naughty But Nice number?

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