Sippin’ Santa – Pop-up Holiday Bar

OMG, it’s Blogmas Day Four and guess who is doing festive things out in the world this holiday season!? (It’s me. Obviously.) Last night, some dear friends from my Masters program and I threw on our best holiday sweaters, braved the newly cold December weather and hit up the Sippin’ Santa pop-up Holiday bar!

The Vibe

Sippin' Santa Sips

Sippin’ Santa is an international pop-up, focused on holiday tiki drinks, that is hosted at the just-off 17th Avenue Ricardo’s Hideaway. (And, apparently, a ton of other places across Canada and the US! I had no idea until I looked it up to write this.) As soon as you walk into the small bar, it’s like Christmas threw up everywhere in the best possible way. There are sparkly lights, Christmas trees and kitschy memorabilia on every single available surface. And those surfaces? They are wrapped in a plastic holiday tablecloth!

Sippin' Santa decor

Yes, those are old school holiday albums lining the top of the bar… and a classic dancing Santa, wearing the Sippin’ Santa merch.

Flamingo snow globe

This little flamingo snow globe gave me serious Christmas in Florida vibes. (Note: I have never been to Florida.)

The Sippin’ Santa Drinks

Holiday Drinks

But what we really care about here, of course, is the drinks! I don’t actually know what drinks are usually on the menu, because we were provided with a special Sippin’ menu, complete with pictures. Definitely tiki drinks but with a serious holiday twist – gingerbread mix in the titular beverage? Allspice in the Mistletoe-to-toe? Plus that incredible glassware!

Sippin' Santa merch

You can understand why they sell the glassware! (To be fair, I understand how they can sell the glassware now that I know it’s an international pop-up. It makes it much easier to do crazy things when lots of people are buying in, even if they’re spread out. And I know there’s some controversy about groups from the States coming in, making money, then leaving but… this is at a local bar. With local staff. And our local economy needs us to pump a little money into it these days.)

Yule Log Grog

I’m not going to lie, I almost ordered the Sippin’ Santa – that gingerbread mix was super intriguing. But I am always drawn to a hot alcohol. We all have our quirks, that’s one of mine. So I had to get the Yule Log Grog. It has Grog in the name and it’s hot! (Plus it was super yummy and drinkable.)

The Friends


All in all, my beautiful, intelligent friends and I recommend hitting up Sippin’ Santa for a special festive drink! Wear your holiday sweaters! Drink hot alcohol! Thank you to Natasha (and our bartender) for this great picture.

I do want to offer a small caution – Ricardo’s is small. (Ha. These are the jokes, folks.) It can be hard to get reservations so, if you can’t, I suggest getting there early and prepare to sit at the bar. It’s still a fun vibe!

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