My 2024 Word of the Year: Priority

2024 word of the year - Priority

Honestly, posting the Word of the Year a few days into the year is starting to just make sense to me. (For me? I originally typed “for me” and that actually makes more sense in my heart.) I spend New Year’s Day reflecting and planning and having my usual nice solo dinner – this is the time for coming up with a Word of the Year, not writing the post about it. I’m a vibey blogger, not a plan-y blogger and I’ve realized that very heavily this year when I tried so hard to plan and schedule and failed pretty badly. (We’ll talk about that. Maybe.) So! Without further ado, welcome to my 2024 Word of the Year.

Reflections on 2023’s Word of the Year

OMG. 2023’s Word of the Year was Intentional and that was a true garbage fire of a word. I talked a lot in my post about how I needed to put more thought into my general existence and I’m not convinced I did a single lick of that. I couldn’t even stick to a social media content schedule, probably because I didn’t put the time into really being intentional about what I was scheduling. 

This statement shouldn’t be misconstrued as saying 2023 was a garbage fire of a year, though. It was, actually, a very wonderful and fulfilling year. Lots of amazing opportunities and experiences… but mostly things I came upon by coincidence or chance. My 2022 Word Open would likely be a way more appropriate word to characterize this year.

We produced two workshops of Riverona episodes and one full-scale production. Then, we ran a successful IndieGoGo campaign with a ridiculously fun launch party. We were so lucky to stumble upon these opportunities and we’re in the midst of making a plan to get the full show on its feet in 2024. We really have a thing, here!

I developed and delivered a ridiculous amount of workshops as a part of my new job, which has been so challenging and delightful. So for 2024, I need to devise a strategy to make this sustainable and marketable. 

I had a poster presentation abstract accepted for a conference this April!

I traveled to London, Paris, and Edinburgh with my mom – London is my favourite city to travel to and I was so thrilled to experience it with my mom.

And then in the late summer, I broke up with someone because he didn’t come to see my play.

My 2024 Word of the Year – Priority

Okay, obviously I didn’t only break up with him because he didn’t come see my play. It’s representative of a greater whole. I’m not going to dive too much deeper into that actual circumstance because, hello, it’s not 2011 anymore. But the breakup was absolutely the origin point for this word choice.

I’ve realized that, despite having a blog where I literally talk about myself, I’m not always good at prioritizing myself. I’m not good at putting myself in situations where other people might put me first and I’m not great at asking for that. 

I am, however, great at saying “It’s okay, I’ll do that/I don’t need that” and genuinely meaning it. I have never wanted to be in a relationship where I am always the other person’s number one priority. And I’ve started overcompensating by seeking out relationships where I am never the other person’s number one priority.

So that’s not great. I need to do some exploration of the whats and whys of that situation and start seeking out different things in life.

I also think Priority might help me with the “Intentional” goals that I didn’t hit last year. It’s a reframing of what I was hoping for. It’s sitting down and deliberately seeking out what my priorities are, then making choices based on those discoveries. 

So, we’ll see how it goes this year! As always, I will be undertaking three January challenges. A Slightly-Damp January, a No-Spend challenge hosted by the wonderful Jenny and Yoga with Adriene’s Flow yoga journey. I’m framing my No-Spend challenge a little bit differently this year – I’ll be taking $100 cash out of the bank each week and all spending will come from that pot. (Groceries, social events, bevvies, shopping, whatever. Bills, gas and mortgage are not included.) 

I actually think this change to the No-Spend challenge is a wonderful opportunity to explore what Priority means to me. 

If you were to pick a word of the year, what would you pick? Do you do resolutions instead?

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