Favourite Holiday Snacks

I have spent so much time this Blogmas talking about beverages that I have absolutely forgotten to talk about snacks! What am I even doing here?! I think we all know that the holidays are really all about the food. Latkes at Hanukkah, that Christmas Goose that is bigger than a small boy in The Christmas Carol, fancy cheeses everywhere. And snacks! You know… your favourite holiday snacks.

Like These Bars

peanut butter marshmallow squares - favourite holiday snacks

Okay, yes, those peanut butter marshmallow squares are a classic. (I will never forget the time that my coworker Gillian made these and, for whatever reason, all the peanut butter sunk to the bottom. It left a very light glaze on the rest of the marshmallows. Absolutely delicious, but very weird.)

Anyway, despite that complete non-sequitur in the parentheses, I am not talking about the baking and snacks that we make at home. Though those are great. What I am talking about is the special, seasonal versions of snacks that brands put out. Look, I wait all year for these delicious goodies. So here they are, my favourite holiday snacks.

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