Ten Good Things

Ten Good Things

Today is Blogmas Day 22 and it is going to be another one of those little bit weird posts. This week of the year is always a little bit crazy for me. (I coordinate a course at work that starts first thing in the New Year and things always sort of pop off this week. There is no way to get ahead of it, it’s just the way it is.) Add to that the fact that the Omicron variant is popping off as well, which is obviously having an impact on post-secondary education, and… it’s been a time. But my blog started as a place for joy and distraction, and that’s what it’s always been for me. So today will be no different. Today, instead of dwelling in the stress, I am going to redirect my energies and challenge myself to write about ten good things that happened this week.

1) I got to hang out with both of my brothers separately.

Me and my brothers
The cover of our indie album

I usually hang out with my siblings as a group, 90% of the time at their house. But just like how parents need to have independent relationships with each of their children, I think it is super important to maintain relationships with my brothers together and separately. (Lol, is there any way to write that where I don’t sound like I’m the author of a self-help book?) Anyway, I got to go for breakfast with Bryan and a movie with Kevin, and it was awesome.

2) I’m going to make my reading goal for the year

I love reading. This is known. But my life, and my commitments, ebb and flow. Some months I read a ton, some months very little. There was a point in time this year where I was certain I would meet my book goal crazy early and go way past it. And then November hit and… I literally don’t know what I did at all for any of November. But I’ve gotten back into a reading phase and I’m definitely going to meet my goal!

3) I’m getting into a great workout groove

Barre equipment
Barre Equipment

This is a pretty similar good thing to point 2, but that’s fine. Again, November was chaos, and it seems like it’s been this past week that I’ve started to get into a good groove with working out. No stressful all or nothing mentality, good consistency, getting excited to go to class… all good things!

4) The weather has warmed up and it’s not snowing yet

In fact, I have my fingers firmly crossed that the snow can hold off until I get done work tomorrow. Can it? Please?

5) I booked my COVID vaccine booster

Yes! You may have your own opinions regarding the vaccine (and this is not the space to discuss them), but I am personally super excited that they opened up bookings to my age group earlier than I expected. I made my appointment with my doctor’s office, so I don’t expect it to be cancelled, and I am excited for the extra protection so I can keep my little niece safe.

6) Riverdale was oddly good!

Drama fuels this world, not imagination
Riverdale’s motto, probably

I give Riverdale very little credit, fairly or unfairly. (I’ve spent so many hours of my life analyzing this show… I feel like I come by my lack of confidence in it legitimately.) Accordingly, I’ve spent most of the past month losing my mind over how little sense the Rivervale 5-episode event made.

But the final episode of the arc wrapped it up in a really fun way! Yes, I still think that Veronica is a terrible person and, yes, I still think we spent entirely too much time in an alternative universe which means the audience can’t un-see what it saw. But, boy, did that last episode make a lot of the inconsistencies not just make sense, but work!

7) I have the house to myself so I can shower with the door open

It’s a small weird thing, but showering with the door closed is literally my least favourite thing. It makes me feel like I am about to get murdered.

And please spare me your comments about how that doesn’t make sense. I only believe in magic so I am way more scared of ghosts than murderers and I’m pretty sure that a closed door is like a blinking “come spook me” sign to a ghost.

8) I found the perfect gift for my niece

Rylee Halloween Costume

This year is the first one where little Rylee is actually going to understand that Christmas is going on and I am so excited about the present I found for her. I’m not going to write what it is here, because… I don’t know, maybe she can read? (Note: she cannot read. She is two.) Buuuut… this picture of Rylee on Halloween might just contain a hint.

The hint is Halloween. Rylee wants Halloween for Christmas. (This is not a joke. Just ask her.)

9) I won a contest on Instagram!

Yes, for reals! One of those contests where you follow accounts and tag a friend. I don’t know that I was fully convinced anyone actually won them, but now I know!

10) There’s only one day of work left in 2021

I mean… I think that says it all.

Oof. My friends, I have to say that I feel better after all that. It was a little bit self-indulgent, but I think sometimes we have to be a little bit selfish to find joy. And now I can go out and share these good spirits with others!

So, please – take a moment. Be a little bit self-indulgent. I’m not going to ask for ten good things but… what’s one good thing that happened to you over the past week? Big or small. It still matters.

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