The Best Party to Throw After Christmas

The best party to throw after Christmas - Cheese Party

We’ve made it to Day 5 of Blogmas and I officially got my first request for a post. And thank goodness because I am both experiencing the post-Riverona blues and have a presentation to deliver at work on Friday, so my mental faculties are minimal at best right now. But y’all came through! Back on Day 2, I mentioned Cheese Party and you needed to know! What is this glorious sounding event? Well let me tell you – it is the best party to throw after Christmas.

But What Is Cheese Party?

Cheese Party is exactly what it sounds like. It is a party with cheese.

It is based on a meme and a (literal) fever dream.

Here is the meme

The Meme that made it all happen

And the story behind the fever dream is that friend of the blog, Megan, got COVID, saw the meme and really, really latched on the idea of making the second figure happen. So she called on all of her friends, asked us each to bring a cheese to a party at her place on Dec 30 and the rest, as we say, is history. A tradition was born.

Another Important Thing About Cheese Party

Cheese Party can only take place in the time between Christmas and New Years. You don’t have to celebrate either of those events to participate but it exists in that liminal time where the world is weird because North America is still very governed by those two holidays. Lots of workplaces are closed or have reduced hours, there are statutory holidays being flexed around all over the place, and no one can decide if they should take their decorations down or not. 

Remember when you were in junior high and during this time period you’d go over to one of your friend’s house and just not come home for days? 

That’s the feeling that Cheese Party is meant to evoke. Except we’re adults now and we go home because we all need to sleep in our own beds.

I’m Dairy-Free – Does It Have to be Cheese?

I mean, if it wasn’t cheese, you wouldn’t be following the meme and also you couldn’t call it “cheese party”.

But obviously, yes, you could do it with something other than cheese. But don’t get fancy. This isn’t a dip party or a bring your best board party. Cheese party is about low effort and high socializing. Many people just put in a bunch of effort for one holiday and others may be putting in a bunch for another very shortly (and there might be overlap), this party is about taking a break.

And that, my friends, is why Cheese Party is the best party to throw after Christmas.

So have I convinced you? Are you going to throw a Cheese Party? What other low effort options are there out there?

Did this post need more images of cheese?

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